Skills workshops

People don’t learn from being told but from exploring, debating and then doing. We therefore choose not to use endless Powerpoint presentations or ‘talk and chalk’. Instead, we use a far more facilitative style, grounding the relevant concepts firmly in the organisational reality and aligning the workshop to the issues identified in the diagnostic discussions with the client.

The bulk of our skills development work is therefore carefully bespoke for each client, but we’ve been doing this for a while now and have developed enough material to be able to offer a range of skills workshops which are available on a more or less off-the-shelf basis, including:

Brilliant Workshops
Coaching for excellence
Compelling communication
Conflict management
Finance in a day!
Giving and receiving feedback
High-performance coaching
High-performance teams
Honest conversations
Leadership in a day!
Leadership in conflict resolution
Leadership – turning values into action
Management in a day!
Mediation mindsets and skills
Meetings and how to run them
Negotiation skills in a day!
Outstanding performance management
Personal effectiveness in a day!
Presentation skills in a day!
Presentation skills, TED-style
So, you want to manage people?
Strategy in a day!
Team identity day
Time and priority management in a day!

We can, of course, tailor any of these workshops to your precise requirements or we can design a programme from scratch.

We also have access, via our sister organisation, The In-House Training Company, to a very wide range of specialist courses that can be delivered, ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘tailored’, by a team of associate trainers. To browse through the 175+ course outlines on the website, please see