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  • Date post: May 31, 2016
We didn’t get any champagne but we certainly helped bring out the sparkle in the IT Applications Team at Moët-Hennessy Europe.

Case study – a team identity day for Moet-Hennessy Europe

Operational requirements meant that this event had to be organised at quite short notice. It was held within a week of our getting the initial phone call. Cyrus Cooper, Managing Director of Maximum performance, designed and facilitated a completely bespoke ‘team identity’ day.

The aim was to enable the Applications Team (within the wider IT Team) to take a step back and think about its role within the Group, by creating a draft team vision and mission that would ensure consistency in approach across all countries for the end users, in the core aspects of the Applications Team’s role. A key challenge was to achieve this with a diverse, multi-national team that only gets together face-to-face once a year.

Cyrus managed the day with his unique blend of energy and calm, passion and humour, to help the team unblock its creativity and create a viable draft team vision and mission. The day was structured around a number of key questions:

Beginning the journey to team identity

  • In what way we do we operate as a team now? Not pushing success to one side
  • What are some of our biggest practical challenges in working together?
  • Our team SWOT analysis

Who are our competitors?

  • Internal and external?
  • Can they provide a better service than us?
  • What are the consequences for us as a team?

Team perception

  • How are we perceived by the business?
  • How are we perceived by our end service users?
  • How do we see ourselves?
  • How do we see ourselves in the future?

Added value

  • What is added value?
  • How can we provide it?
  • ‘Local’ differences that may affect us?
  • Are we focusing on the right things?
  • Want vs Need vs Expect

Our team identity

  • Who are we and what do we do?
  • Why does our team our ultimately exist?
  • What are we here to deliver?
  • Who relies on us/who do we rely on for success?
  • What consistencies in delivery must we demonstrate?

Our vision for success

  • What is a vision?
  • Why do we need a vision?
  • What is our draft vision statement?
  • What consistencies in delivery must we demonstrate?


  • Do we have clarity about our team identity and approach?
  • What is our team charter?
  • What are some of our immediate next steps?

When we checked with the course sponsor three months later to see how the team was getting on, we were told that the day had been very well received and that the vision and mission statements had been finalised as a result of Cyrus’s input and that they were now forming a secure basis for the development of the team. Every expectation had been met.

Inspired? If you think a team identity day might be just what you need, please just give us a call on 01582 714280 and we’ll put you in touch directly with Cyrus for a no-obligation discussion as to how he might be able to help you.

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