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  • Unleashing customer conversations

Unleashing customer conversations

A one-day workshop (virtual or classroom)

Are you looking to elevate your team’s skills in identifying and addressing customer needs effectively?

Understanding customer needs is a crucial aspect of sales success. It acts as a compass, guiding companies through the complex landscape of customer preferences and expectations. This deep understanding leads to the creation of products and services that resonate with customers, ensuring a smoother, more effective service that drives business growth.

Learning Objectives
Workshop information


Professionals keen on mastering customer need assessment and engagement strategies.


This one-day programme is available both face-to-face and virtually.

The expert trainer

Tim is passionate about helping people achieve greater results in business, specifically in business-to-business sales.

Workshop outline

1. Introduction

2. Deep dive into the 'menu of needs' process

3. Identifying customer needs

4. Creating a customised 'menu of needs' slide

5. Practical application through role plays

6. Implementing the process in real-world settings

7. Review, Q&A, and feedback

Multiple delivery formats and options

Face-to-face delivery


Virtual delivery


Tailored solutions

Training Areas...

Leadership & management development

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Management & personal effectiveness

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Customer Service Training

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Boardroom effectiveness

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Maximum Coaching

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Specialist Subjects

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