Maximum Performance takes an approach to webinars that places the learning experience at the heart of our design. No longer the poor-relation of classroom learning, webinar sessions allow participants the opportunity through discussion, case studies, practical role-plays, interactive ‘chat’ and whiteboard activities to experience a unique, targeted training intervention.

Participants attend a practical and focused 90-minute session during which they are able to explore some key models and concepts, discuss their situations and the application of these techniques in the workplace and have an opportunity to experience or role-play the new behaviours.

In addition, participants can download a helpful 1-page summary at the end of the session which they can use to refresh their memories and embed learning following the training.

We recommend maximum groups sizes of 12-18. Larger groups can be accommodated if necessary but we may need to make slight changes to the session outline.

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Working from home series

Prioritising when WFH

A 90-minute webinar


When working alongside our colleagues in a physical work environment, we are reminded of the need to get things done on a regular basis. This could be through face-to-face requests, checking in, or just by colleague’s physical proximity. When working from home, the tendency to think ‘out of sight, out of mind’, can creep into our behaviours. This means that we might be tempted to focus on what we enjoy doing, rather than what we should be doing!

Although we might have fewer interruptions from colleagues when operating outside the traditional working space, the greater danger lies in domestic temptations, distractions and interruptions. This is especially true when partners, children and elderly relatives share your home.

This pragmatic webinar highlights the common timewasters prevalent in home working and makes suggestions for eliminating them, or at the very least reducing their impact.

Remote management

A 90-minute webinar


Managing remote or home workers takes more effort. This session is an opportunity to explore what makes it so different. It gives you the tools and techniques to do it more effectively.

You will identify what you need to do differently to successfully manage and create an environment of trust, confidence and regularity of dialogue for remote and home workers. You will discover ways to engage your team through different forms of communication, building trust, and setting clear expectations. You will leave the session with practical tools and techniques that will enable you to be more confident in your role as a manager of remote or home workers, and at the same time make their roles more productive, positive and rewarding.

Safe working at home

A 90-minute webinar


Slipping into bad posture habits is easy to do when you don’t have a dedicated office or study at home. Undertaking informal or employer-led risk assessments is vital for creating a safe working environment.

You will identify causes of potential unsafe work practices and simple remedies that will prevent long-term problems. You will create safe working habits that you can share with work colleagues, friends and family who are also working remotely.

Self-motivation when WFH

A 90-minute webinar


Keeping motivated when working at home can be challenging, especially when you’re not used to it. We all create habits in our daily lives to make things happen easily and with little effort. When we wish to change these established habits, it becomes difficult and takes a great deal of energy and willpower.

You will identify and understand what you need personally to motivate yourself to get work tasks done. You will learn what needs to be different in your approach to build and sustain productivity remotely over time. You will discover a range of best practices and learn from other people’s experiences. Most importantly, you will understand the value of being open to ideas and trying new approaches you haven’t considered before.

Staying connected when WFH

A 90-minute webinar


Working remotely by its very nature means people will be separated from work colleagues and line managers. Whilst this can be ideal when you need to focus on a specific complex piece of work, there are potential psychological challenges for some people. When there are gaps in communication and information, our brains naturally try to fill in the blanks. This is when misperception can play a part in misunderstanding and conflict, adversely affecting relationships and creating a feeling of isolation

In this practical webinar you will: increase your awareness of the potential pitfalls of working from home, discover easy-to-implement steps and learn to take responsibility for preventative action. The session will also help you to look out for fellow home workers, both inside and outside your organisation (or, indeed, home).

Staying healthy when WFH

A 90-minute webinar


When travelling to work only involves moving from one room to another, rather than a physical commute, it is easy to get out of the habit of proper exercise. Building healthy activity and routines into your day is key to productivity and both physical and mental health.

As well as providing examples of best practice, including a healthy work / life balance, this session will encourage people to share their experiences of health, fitness and general wellbeing when working from home.

Working from home

A 90-minute webinar


As the trend in flexible working increases, more people will be working at home, remote from their colleagues and line manager.

This interactive webinar aims to help anybody who is new to this concept, or anyone who would just like to tap into some of the best practice available. These techniques are based upon the real experiences of those who have been working remotely and have developed a range of methods and tactics to optimise this way of working.

You will identify what you need to do differently to maintain productivity and create a working environment that works for you. You will discover ways to actively engage with your team and manager through different forms of communication, building trust, and agreeing clear expectations. You will leave the session with practical tools and techniques that will enable you to be more confident when working from home, and at the same time building trust with your line manager.

Management and personal effectiveness series

Breaking bias

A 90-minute webinar


We all suffer from unconscious bias. Neuroscientists believe that more than 99% of the decisions we make and the actions we take are outside our conscious awareness. Most of the time we operate on autopilot – relying on deep-in-the-brain biases, preferences and assumptions that operate largely automatically.

While these mental shortcuts help us make decisions quickly and with little effort, they can have unintended consequences, including irrational thinking and faulty decision-making. When people are involved, bias can result in stereotyping, prejudice and a lack of diversity – and a multitude of problems at work.

This session helps people not only become aware of their own unconscious biases but gives them practical techniques for acting more consciously and making objective decisions.

Building bridges

A 90-minute webinar


Some people seem to just ‘click’ with others, building a large network and loyal friendship group. Built on the current research into Social Intelligence, this workshop focusses on how you can take a strategic approach to building bridges rather than relying on chance. You need to be clear about your ultimate purpose and develop a structured plan for achieving it. It is also about connecting with others and that means conversational skills are critical, making engaging small talk and introducing yourself memorably.

Challenging messages

A 90-minute webinar


Being able to deal with difficult conversations effectively is an essential business skill that is invaluable in maintaining good relationships and retaining business. Disagreements don’t disappear when they’re ignored. People are often concerned about having a difficult conversation because they’re worried the client or colleague might react defensively to what they’ve got to say. They need to be dealt with in an appropriate way that achieves the desired result and keeps the relationship intact. This session will give people valuable techniques to prepare for a difficult situation, get the conversation off to the best possible start and manage their emotions.

Change management – process, agile

A 90-minute webinar


To achieve continuing success, organisations need to change to keep ahead of the competition, take advantage of the rapid development of technology and meet customers’ expectations. In an agile environment, change management is even more important because of its iterative nature, its impact on readiness and culture and the increased churn. Managers have an important role in initiating and implementing change, innovation and continuous improvement. This practical virtual session focuses on the strategy, implementation and process of change management, thinking about how it can be achieved effectively in an agile and changing environment.

Coaching skills

A 90-minute webinar


Performance coaching develops people’s capabilities, improves effectiveness and enhances productivity. It also encourages ownership and responsibility, leading to staff being happier and more motivated.

Managers will leave this programme with lots of tools and techniques they can use immediately – together with increased confidence in their ability to develop people effectively.

Cognitive flexibility

A 90-minute webinar


People often have multiple responsibilities as part of their roles, and achieving these means being able to switch between one task or thought and another by developing cognitive flexibility. Being able to do this quickly and efficiently can give individuals huge benefits. As well as being able to manage priorities and time they will also have greater opportunities for linking concepts and ideas to generate creative ideas.


A 90-minute webinar


Working with others has never been easier – or harder. With more and more online collaboration tools people can share ideas and resources across platforms, but as people become busier and spread across countries face-to-face time for collaboration becomes harder and it becomes forgotten. This practical workshop helps participants navigate the different options and build a collaboration strategy that ensures it becomes the starting point for any project.

Collective intelligence

A 90-minute webinar


With the advent of artificial intelligence, collective intelligence now looks at the collaboration of people and computers to harness the power of both combined. Defined by MIT Sloan School of Management Professor Thomas Malone, collective intelligence occurs when both sides work together. This practical session looks at how people can work collaboratively with one another and technology to achieve optimum results.

Compelling case

A 90-minute webinar


We all need to influence others, but most people work with just a handful of approaches, so they’re less effective in certain situations or with certain people. Getting this right is a crucial business skill. This interactive and informative workshop will build on participants’ existing skills in providing a compelling case and give them additional strategies they can use so others say ‘yes’ more often. Whether it’s with clients, with peers, stakeholders, suppliers or C-level managers, participants will learn to structure their ideas to give them the greatest chance of achieving buy-in.

Complex problem-solving

A 90-minute webinar


This energetic, interactive and practical session will give participants the knowledge and skills to solve complex problems successfully. They will leave with powerful, innovative techniques and tried-and-tested tools that will enable them to be more successful in their roles. These include pros and cons, SWOT analysis, brainstorming, fishbone analysis and appreciative enquiry as well as delving deeper to find the root cause. Participants will learn how to use systems thinking to explore and gain insight to complex problems.

Creativity (advanced)

A 90-minute webinar


In an era of rapid change, organisations need their staff to be creative and innovative. This isn’t just a matter of what we do but of how we do it – creativity is just as much a feature of ‘boring’ management process flows as ‘exciting’ product development. This interactive session builds on the participants’ existing experience and knowledge of creativity in a masterclass structure that focuses on drawing from some of the most up-to date techniques from a variety of industries.

Cross-cultural competence

A 90-minute webinar


In a marketplace that is increasingly working globally, organisations can’t afford to neglect the importance of good communication. While a multicultural workplace offers opportunities, if people don’t adapt their approach there can be misunderstandings and frustration. Supporting your people in developing their cultural knowledge can give benefits through effective working relationships, better communication, improved employee retention and more productive staff. This practical VILT session focuses on improving relationships, understanding, communication and working across cultures.

Data brilliance – turning insights into action

A 90-minute webinar


Often data is the key to understanding a situation, but only if that data is converted into insight. Often people in data-driven roles will report information without giving those in different departments in business the insight to ‘de-code’ it and make it useful. This can be costly for an organisation, but it also means that those teams don’t benefit from the credibility, reputation and often the seat at the table that they deserve. This practical session encourages them to look beyond the data and give clear updates.

Judgement and decision-making

A 90-minute webinar


Being able to make the right decision – even in agile, ambiguous situations when you don’t have all the information you’d like – is critical to success in business, especially for managers and leaders. Participants will learn how to ensure they have all the information (including understanding the problem), how to overcome bias and identify which are reliable facts in order to make decisions, as well as determining which problems to devote the most time to using the Pareto Principle. They will develop their abilities in making decisions under pressure and communicating with clarity. They will appreciate the importance of gathering facts, taking an assumption-busting mindset and taking a strategic decision-making approach using the decision tree.

Delivering change

A 90-minute webinar


Change is a given in any organisation today. You can choose to lead it, go along with it or ignore it – but the last of these options is not a route to success. The best approach is to be positive and proactive, whether that’s in a context of organisation-wide strategic-level transformational change, or whether it’s a question of making changes within the areas of the organisation that are within your direct control. This engaging and interactive workshop will take you on a journey exploring your role in driving and supporting change, the impact of change on the human brain, and the steps needed to bring about successful change.

Diversity and inclusion

A 90-minute webinar


This highly participative session focuses on the importance of valuing individual differences at work and creating a positive working environment, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. The programme highlights the responsibilities that managers have in this area and reinforces relevant organisational policies and procedures, particularly those relating to harassment and bullying. In addition, the workshop builds awareness of relevant legislation, taking a practical approach to minimising risk. The emphasis is on encouraging managers to manage positively and proactively, to model appropriate behaviour, to recognise issues at an early stage and to take prompt action to resolve concerns informally or formally as appropriate.

Dynamic delegation

A 90-minute webinar


Most of us struggle to fit everything in at work; often staying late, sometimes suffering from stress and challenges with work-life balance. But does it have to be that way? No – when you have effective strategies for delegating to others you can achieve more, motivate others and contribute positively to their development. Everybody wins! This session will support participants in diagnosing readiness for delegation and giving clear guidelines to ensure work is carried out effectively.

Emotional intelligence

A 90-minute webinar


Rational, problem-solving intelligence is not enough. You need EQ – the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions. Surprisingly, perhaps, this realisation has been one of the most important business developments in recent times. This session will help participants explore what it means for them and understand how to use it to make life easier, less stressful, more successful.

Generations, millennials

A 90-minute webinar


Millennials make up the largest percentage of the workforce, posing challenges to the structures, working practices and management styles of organisations and individuals of other generations. This practical session focuses not just on millennials, but on the traits, characteristics and differences between each of the different generations found in the workplace. Exploring preferences and behaviours through practical case study discussions, participants will explore how to adapt their style to others and avoid a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Getting things done

A 90-minute webinar


Participants will be asked to consider how they spend their days and weeks, learning how to focus their use of time on their goals, targets and priorities and looking for ways of minimising or even eliminating their ‘time bandits’ – activities that bring no value to the business. The dangers of ‘busyness’ – of activity that doesn’t generate productivity. What’s the best way of managing your ‘to do’ list to ‘get things done’ – especially when you have competing demands placed upon you? Participants will learn how to avoid just doing the urgent things – while important things get compromised or even sacrificed.

Great feedback

A 90-minute webinar


Giving and receiving feedback may come naturally to some, but to others they are difficult and painful. It doesn’t have to be that way. Participants will explore the myriad benefits of feedback, how it can be positive and developmental and reduce workplace conflict and errors. Focusing on the importance of clarity, empathy, rapport and collaboration as well as knowing your desired outcome, they will leave more confident in delivering feedback to others with impact.

Influencing & persuading

A 90-minute webinar


We all need to influence and persuade others, but most of us have a limited range of strategies, so we’re not effective in certain situations or with certain people. But this is a skill that can be learnt – an essential skill for anyone in business. This interactive and engaging webinar will give you practical tools and techniques you can use immediately to get others to say ‘yes’ more often, to buy in to your ideas and to give you commitment.

Creativity for logical thinkers

A 90-minute webinar


Managers and staff in every forward-thinking organization need to generate new ideas, products, services and processes if they’re to maintain their competitive edge. This means that creativity and innovation aren’t simply nice-to-have skills – they’re essential for success at every level in every organisation. While some people seem ‘naturally’ creative, in reality innovative thinking can be developed by anyone. This workshop provides a great introduction to the creative process for people who typically work in a more logical way. Participants have lots of opportunities to use proven techniques on their own real work problems and situations. They learn how to challenge existing thinking and generate new ideas – and how to make sure the best of them are captured and implemented.

Management essentials

A 90-minute webinar


The most common reason for leaving a job is dissatisfaction with one’s manager. Being an effective, supportive and clear manager is crucial for ensuring staff retention, team motivation and happiness, and business success.

This engaging webinar explores ideal manager behaviours, helping you get the most out of your team by understanding what they need from you. This is an opportunity to explore management and leadership – and to ensure that you’re not the manager everyone wants to get away from!

Managing expectations

A 90-minute webinar


A lot of us remember being told to ‘under-promise and over-deliver’, but in reality it can be easy to try to please by making promises that we struggle to keep. Whether it’s down to us, or factors outside our control, sometimes whatever the reason we simply can’t deliver and this is why it’s important to manage expectations from the start. Tackling some of the mindset issues, like ‘no news is good news’, participants explore the stages of projects and how to set clear expectations from the start, how to keep people updated and how to deliver bad news if needed.


A 90-minute webinar


Some of us spend a large proportion of our working lives in meetings – and much of this time is wasted. That’s why good chairing skills are crucial. This practical and engaging programme shows how skillful chairing can steer a meeting to a successful conclusion, saving considerable time and significantly boosting efficiency.

Openness – developing openness and a culture of conscious inclusion

A 90-minute webinar


Have you ever been told by someone that you made them feel left out, or less than welcome? Most of us have, and for most of us it’s something that’s happened by accident. Whether it’s through existing strong connections with people that take your focus, being driven by the task and not thinking about how you’re working with others, or through the emotional leakage that people pick up through our behaviours and body language, it’s easy to create distance between ourselves and our colleagues. This practical virtual workshop encourages participants to increase their self-awareness and create a strategy that ensures they work towards a culture of conscious inclusion.

Peak performance – get the best out of your team

A 90-minute webinar


High-performing teams improve productivity and efficiency and lead to increased employee engagement. When people work well together they are able to use all their varying strengths to achieve success. It takes a self-aware and effective manager to achieve this and maintain high performance. Every team is different and there are many factors that influence how a team performs over time. This informative, engaging and practical workshop will equip managers to create and manage a high-performing team, taking them to peak performance.

Performance management – why bother?

A 90-minute webinar


Business success is only achieved by its people – they are a company’s greatest asset. Making sure you use your assets in the best way possible is a crucial business skill. This programme will help you develop and stretch your high achievers as well as manage any under-performers effectively. Addressing some of the common causes of under-performance and lack of motivation will help everyone in your team, free up your own time and help you achieve better results all round.

Relate (build good working relationships)

A 90-minute webinar


Working together effectively has a huge number of benefits, from feelings of satisfaction and wellbeing at work to increased productivity. Being able to relate to others and collaborate is good for everyone. This practical session encourages people to explore their current working relationships and to identify those that could be improved. Through proven techniques, peer sharing and role play they will develop strategies to take their relationships with colleagues to the next level.

Servant leadership

A 90-minute webinar


The concept of the servant leader inverts the norm. Instead of employees existing to serve the leader, the leader exists to serve employees, especially those on the front line. Coined originally by Robert Greenleaf, he understands that customer service associates often have the greatest impact on what the customer thinks about the product and more particularly the service they receive. Whilst it challenges the traditional view, according to a study by Sen Sendiva and James C Sarros, Servant Leadership is being practised in some of the top-ranking companies today, and these companies are highly ranked precisely because of their leadership style and following.

Service mindset

A 90-minute webinar


Giving service isn’t enough these days. People expect – and deserve – consistent and high-quality service. If they don’t get it, they may go elsewhere – and generate negative publicity for your organisation. This interactive virtual session is focused on changing mindsets and behaviours so that participants meet and exceed the expectations of their customers (internal or external). They will learn valuable techniques for providing excellent service, handling difficult or dissatisfied customers effectively and, where appropriate, identifying up-sell opportunities along the way. They will explore their own mindset and how to reframe thoughts to feel more positive.


A 90-minute webinar


‘Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.’ (Robert McKee)

This targeted virtual session will guide presenters and salespeople how to use compelling anecdotes, case studies, analogies and real-world examples that are engaging, memorable and persuasive, in order to enhance their communication. Participants will discover what story format to use when; how to collect, create and craft stories for optimum effectiveness; and explore the best ways of delivering their stories for the largest impact.

Time & priority management

A 90-minute webinar


We’re all faced with more competing demands on our time than ever before. But do we even know where our time goes? Knowing how we spend it is the first step towards being able to control how we spend it. What non-essential activities can you drop? If there are things you can’t drop, how can you manage them better? How can you be more intentional about how you run your day?

This is an opportunity to explore different approaches to time and priority management. How can you make your life easier by using the compass, not the clock?

Making an impact with a virtual audience

A 90-minute webinar


The success of many organisations depends upon their ability to collaborate and communicate with others effectively in a virtual environment. All too often it goes wrong, leaving some individuals feeling isolated or frustrated, and struggling to achieve their goals with projects going off track. People often think that everything they have learnt in the physical world can be translated into online presentations and meetings, but in reality it can’t. Built on practical examples, learnings from business psychology and neuroscience, this session gives participants a toolkit they can use to increase their virtual impact.

Your impact on others

A 90-minute webinar


Being technically good at your job isn’t enough – good people skills are also essential. Whatever your profession and role, you need to be able to connect with others, present ideas assertively and build strong, lasting relationships. This practical session will cover self-awareness and how participants can develop their ability to make a positive impact, whatever the situation. They will discover how to avoid fading into the background, how to raise their profile and how to present ideas powerfully to internal stakeholders and managers.

We can, of course, tailor any of these webinars to your precise requirements or we can design a programme from scratch. Just give us a call today on 01582 463460.