Management & Personal Effectiveness


We’ve been designing and delivering ad hoc workshops to support management development and personal effectiveness for more than twenty years. We like to think we’ve got the hang of it now.

So it seemed high time that we took the most popular topics and devised a series of modules that can be delivered completely ‘off-the-shelf’, in a variety of formats – full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar – with high quality printed materials supported by a world-class learning reinforcement platform.

All the programmes are tried-and-tested, for delivery by our team of 30 facilitators across the UK and another 140 worldwide.

Delivery options: available as a full-day, half-day, bite-sized programme or webinar

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How to make your point, with confidence


When people are assertive they portray a strong, confident image and can put their views across while still taking other people’s opinions into account.

Non-assertive, passive aggressive or aggressive behaviour can cause misunderstandings, frustration and even a breakdown in relationships at work.

In this highly practical session participants discover how effective body language, voice, and the words they say make a big difference to the results they get. Importantly, they also learn how to build confidence that leads to assertive behaviour more of the time.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Change management

How to be a change agent as a manager, not a change blocker


Change is a given in any organisation today.

You can choose to lead it, go along with it or ignore it – but the last of these options is not a route to success. The best approach is to be positive and proactive, whether that’s in a context of organisation-wide strategic-level transformational change, or whether it’s a question of making changes within the areas of the organisation that are within your direct control.

This engaging and interactive workshop will take you on a journey exploring your role in driving and supporting change, the impact of change on the human brain, and the steps needed to bring about successful change.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Coaching skills for line managers

Practical tips for everyday coaching ‘in the moment’


Performance coaching develops people’s capabilities, improves effectiveness and enhances productivity. It also encourages ownership and responsibility, leading to staff being happier and more motivated.

Managers will leave this programme with lots of tools and techniques they can use immediately – together with increased confidence in their ability to develop people effectively.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Communication skills

It’s good to talk – or is it?


Master the tools and techniques you need to communicate effectively, confidently and professionally in the workplace, whether writing emails, speaking over the phone (including conference calls) or meeting others face-to-face.

Learn how to express yourself even more concisely, precisely and clearly with a keen focus on knowing what you want to achieve, understanding the audience and considering the context.

The workshop focuses on the more challenging situations, such as when you need to be assertive, deliver bad news or win others over to your point of view.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Creativity and innovation

For all situations, from big breakthroughs to marginal gains


In an era of rapid change, organisations need their staff to be creative and innovative.

This isn’t just a matter of what we do but of how we do it – creativity is just as much a feature of ‘boring’ management process flows as ‘exciting’ product development. This means creativity and innovation aren’t simply nice-to-have skills – they’re essential for success at every level in every organisation.

While some people seem ‘naturally’ creative, in reality innovative thinking can be developed by anyone. This workshop provides a great introduction to the creative process. You’ll learn how to challenge existing thinking and generate new ideas – and how to make sure the best of them are captured and implemented.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Dealing with change

How to positively embrace change


Change happens! It’s pointless trying to ignore it or resist it – neither of these is an effective strategy for making your life easier or furthering your career.

We all need to embrace change positively. But that’s easier said than done.
This workshop will help. It’s an opportunity to understand how we’re all affected by change in different ways and to explore a range of possible responses to it.

You’ll leave the session with practical tools and techniques that enable you to embrace change in a way that promotes and sustains success, both organisationally and personally.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Emotional intelligence

IQ may get you hired, but it’s EQ that gets you promoted


Rational, problem-solving intelligence is not enough.

You need EQ – the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions – as well.Surprisingly, perhaps, this realisation has been one of the most important business developments in recent times.

This session will help you explore what it means for you and understand how to use it to make your life easier, less stressful, more successful.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

From team member to team leader

What are you letting yourself in for?


Organisations constantly give people their first line management role because the individual has been identified as being good at their day job, not necessarily being good with people.

People skills are a very different skillset to process and tasks. Managing people can be the best job in the world, or the worst. No-one tells you what it’s like until you find out for yourself. ‘You’ll be fine’ is all you may get.

This programme is your opportunity to find out in advance what you might be letting yourself in for and whether it’s right for you – whether at this stage in your career, a bit later, or perhaps never. This can save you and your organisation time, effort and heartache. You will build your personal management profile throughout the day to understand your brand as a manager.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Honest conversations

Giving and receiving feedback – with confidence, grace & clarity


Few of us are naturals when it comes to having honest conversations, especially around giving and receiving feedback.

We struggle to find a path between being too direct and confrontational, as against softening our message so much that it gets lost in an emotional fog.

We need to structure information in a non-emotive way, giving clear feedback and delivering messages with empathy and compassion. We need a toolkit we can use on a day-to-day basis to build an honest, open working culture with those who report to us – and, indeed, with those to whom we report. This very popular programme is the answer.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Influencing & persuading with impact

Use the psychology of influence to help get your way


We all need to influence and persuade others, but most of us have a limited range of strategies, so we’re not effective in certain situations or with certain people.

But this is a skill that can be learnt – an essential skill for anyone in business.

This interactive and engaging workshop will give you practical tools and techniques you can use immediately to get others to say ‘yes’ more often, to buy in to your ideas and to give you commitment.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Management essentials

Get the essentials firmly under your belt


The most common reason for leaving a job is dissatisfaction with one’s manager.

Being an effective, supportive and clear manager is crucial for ensuring staff retention, team motivation and happiness, and business success. This practical workshop explores ideal manager behaviours, helping you get the most out of your team by giving clear direction, coaching, cheerleading and delegating effectively.

This is an opportunity to explore management dilemmas and hone your managerial abilities – and to ensure that you’re not the manager everyone wants to get away from!

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Managing across generations

Mind the gap!


Millennials make up the largest percentage of the workforce. But how many organisations have really recognised that and changed their ways of working? And how many managers are left struggling to manage teams made up of different generations than their own?

This programme has been designed to help managers review their approach to managing across the generations and, in particular, to adapt their ideas of teamwork, communication, motivation, performance, collaboration and reward to the needs of their individual team members.

This is an ideal opportunity to look at how you manage people from a completely different perspective – you might be surprised by what you discover!

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Managing effective teams

We all work in a team at some point in our lives, but most struggle to be as effective as they have the potential to be. Whether it’s miscommunications between co-workers, imbalance of skills, different priorities or difficulty adapting to change, when we lack awareness of these challenge, performance suffers.

Based on tried and tested strategies, this practical workshop takes managers and leaders through an exploration of how they can develop their own teams to reach their potential and become more effective.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Meetings, meetings, meetings!

How to manage them effectively


Some of us spend a large proportion of our working lives in meetings – and much of this time is wasted. That’s why good chairing skills are crucial.

This practical and engaging programme shows how skillful chairing can steer a meeting to a successful conclusion, saving considerable time and significantly boosting efficiency.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Performance management

How to get the best out of your people


Every organisation has people who are high-performing with lots of potential for career progress.

They also have under-performers who can often take up a lot of valuable management time as well as affecting the motivation of the rest of the team.

In this highly practical and interactive course, you will learn how to continue to develop and stretch high achievers and manage under-performers effectively.

Addressing some of the common causes of under-performance and lack of motivation will help everyone in your team, free up your own time, allow you to spend more time with your good- and high-performers, and help you achieve better results all round.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Presentation skills

How to be a more confident presenter


This programme gives the foundation skills you need to improve the impact, clarity and structure of your presentations.

It can be flexed to meet the needs of people new to presenting, or to challenge those who have presented extensively in the past. (There’s an alternative version for groups of up to 6, which allows for filming and individual feedback).

Master the physical factors, harnessing the power of non-verbal communication. Engage your audience.
Learn how to structure your presentation for best results.

Deal with questions more effectively.

Boost your confidence.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Remote management

How to overcome the challenges of time and space!


Managing remote workers takes more effort. This programme is an opportunity to explore what makes it so different and gives you the tools and techniques to do it more effectively.

You will identify what you need to do differently to successfully manage and create an environment of trust, confidence and regularity of dialogue for remote workers. You will discover ways to engage your team through different forms of communication, to build trust, to motivate and to set clear expectations. You will leave with practical tools and techniques that will enable you to be more confident in your role as a manager of remote workers, and at the same time make their roles more productive, positive and rewarding.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Stress, resilience & mental toughness

How to develop true grit!


In a 24/7 world we are exposed to stress from many different angles. Handled well, this can boost our performance; handled badly, it can have a real impact on our wellbeing.

We all need to be able to manage different stresses and pressures if we are to think clearly, make the right decisions and avoid unnecessary stress and worry.

This workshop explores the best way of doing that, giving you a range of strategies to use, based on a number of proven models and approaches. It will help you understand your stress and pressure points, develop your resilience and move towards mental toughness and ‘grit’.

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

Time and priority management

How to use the compass, not the clock


We’re all faced with more competing demands on our time than ever before. But do we even know where our time goes? Knowing how we spend it is the first step towards being able to control how we spend it. What non-essential activities can you drop? If there are things you can’t drop, how can you manage them better? How can you be more intentional about how you run your day?

This is an opportunity to explore different approaches to time and priority management. How can you manage interruptions better? How can you structure your day around your peak energy moments? How can you make your life easier by using the compass, not the clock?

Delivery options: full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar

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