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Macarena is a highly experienced specialist in mediation and conflict resolution.

She works in these areas as a mediator, conflict coach, trainer, assessor, supervisor and researcher, both in the UK and internationally.

She has been an accredited mediator since 2005, and is experienced in mediation across all three main practice sectors – workplace mediation, family mediation and community mediation.

Macarena was born in Málaga, Spain, and now lives near London with her husband. She can mediate, train and coach in English and Spanish as needed.

Key areas of expertise

Her training covers conflict resolution, mediation and self-awareness and is delivered to corporate executives, academics, community groups and young adults. She has trained young people in schools as peer mediators, and also assesses accredited mediation programmes. She has lectured on conflict theory and self-awareness and reflective practice for conflict practitioners at the PgCert and MSc courses at Birkbeck College, University of London.

She has also been able to apply her mindsets and skills to conflict coaching, helping people understand how to change their relationship to conflict.

For the last 20 years Macarena has been engaged in the research and development of frameworks and templates for self-awareness and personal growth. She believes that every individual is capable of choosing their own future, and that conflict – as a natural part of life – provides rich opportunities to learn about oneself and the world.

Qualifications and professional memberships

Her academic qualifications include an MSc in Conflict Resolution and Mediation Studies from University of London and a PhD from Cranfield University. A member of the College of Mediators, the Family Mediation Council, the Association for Conflict Resolution and Mediators Beyond Borders, she also served a four-year term as a trustee of Mediation Hertfordshire.


Training Areas...

Leadership & management development

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Management & personal effectiveness

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Customer Service Training

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Boardroom effectiveness

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Maximum Coaching

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Specialist Subjects

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