Curated learning

Why reinvent the wheel?

In a Covid / virtual / digital / 70:20:10 / VUCA / diverse / WFH world, formal training sessions are not always the answer.

Sometimes learning is best consumed in other ways.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean starting again from scratch.

There’s no shortage of high-quality, free-access material – if you know where to look for it, how to look for it, and what to do with it. And if you have the time to do all that – which you probably don’t.

Increasingly, our learning designers and subject matter experts are supporting our clients as learning curators. Think of a curator in an art gallery – they plot the experience of visitors as they walk around the gallery, ensuring the flow works, and creating explanations alongside each painting. Curating learning content works in the same way, selecting relevant, up-to-date, engaging and memorable content and guiding learners through it in a way that clearly links to the aims and objectives of your learning plans.

Download this free sample resource by clicking on the image above.

Sometimes the output is a completely stand-alone resource – perhaps a single PDF (see sample) or a set of materials to be hosted on an LMS – and sometimes it’s blended with another learning activity, whether as a handout to support a live session or as additional content on a learning reinforcement app or a social learning platform. And depending on the requirement, we can change the mix – the sample shown above has links to 75 different resources – checklists, exercises, TED Talks, videos, apps, assessment tools, surveys and questionnaires, articles, podcasts, etc, etc.

Knowing how the material is to be used is key. The way we work in curating content is to select particular development areas. We work with clients to understand their preferred models and approaches in those areas, to ensure that the material we curate is in alignment with what the client is already delivering through their other development interventions, and with relevant internal policies and processes, competence frameworks, models and standards of behaviour, organisational values, local cultural sensitivities, etc, etc. And, crucially, we agree the format in which it is to be presented to the learner.

Curated learning is a cost-effective and pragmatic approach to supporting learners. It’s an increasingly attractive option in a rapidly changing world. Intrigued? Give us a call on 01582 463460 to discuss how it might work for you.