Tools & technologies

Every client is different. And so is every project. Each one calls for a different set of skills, tools and techniques. Here are just some of the tools and technologies that we regularly use:

360° reviews

360° reviews can be used for a variety of purposes, of course, but we tend to use them mainly in conjunction with a structured development programme. They’re a great way of identifying development priorities and setting a baseline against which to evaluate return on investment.

Psychometric profiles

We use a range of profiling tools, such as MBTI, Insights and HAY (ESCI – emotional and social competency inventory). If a client is already using a particular tool then we can work with that, but otherwise we might recommend DiSC or our preferred tool, Facet5.

Virtual classrooms

If you have employees in multiple locations it is often difficult and costly to get them all into a classroom for training. Virtual classrooms are ideal if you prefer a scheduled live-taught event but cannot easily get your audience into one room with the trainer.


We’re very impressed with the Aptimore Personal Development Report and we hope you will be too.

It’s an online learning tool that harnesses assessment, development, training, coaching and psychology to create a scalable way for organisations to develop their people’s skills in emotional intelligence, collaboration, management and leadership.

Social learning platforms

Modern learners are collaborative by nature, seeking answers from networks of people. Social learning through interactions with peers and experts is a popular method for the modern learner.

Animated videos

We have in-house capability to produce animated marketing, explainer and learning videos to support the marketing of your learning initiative and to provide engaging, bite-sized content.

Learning reinforcement

Learning ‘just in time’ has become far more critical than learning ‘just in case’.

Targeting the right learning for each individual is becoming increasingly important. One size rarely fits all but is often the approach adopted for the sake of simplicity.

To discuss which tool or technology would best suit your particular situation, please just give us a call on 01582 463460 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options.