Tracking Success

In association with our South African partner, LeadershipWorks, we’re proud to present their unique leadership and team-building experience.

Built around a highly interactive documentary, it combines lessons from ancient bushcraft with modern leadership thinking to deliver a memorable, transformative learning experience.

Working with conservationist game rangers in the Kruger National Park, your team’s goal will be to track lion, leopard, and rhino in this wild and natural ecosystem.

You become the tracker.

You are an active participant in the complex task of tracking and finding your goal. You weigh up the evidence, make the decisions, and live with the consequences. Finding the animal is in your hands.

In a dynamic and uncertain environment, the experience will put your leadership, decision-making and communication skills to the test.

How does it work?

The programme is built around the metaphor of animal tracking and the concept of mastery.

The team connects via an online platform. You are quickly immersed in the lives of an expert Wildlife

Tracking Team. This team, led by Renias Mhlongo, has spent thousands of hours in the field mastering their craft.

Your goal is to learn from them. To become the trackers and to find leopard, lion and rhino … on foot, in one of Africa’s great wild places. You must make the decisions, weigh up the risks and live with the consequences.

Success depends on focus, creativity, staying open to opportunity and problem solving.

Expert facilitation and campfire conversations link tracking to the real issues your team faces. Team members learn what behaviours to master in order to become a winning team. We explore what it takes to be a master leader.

This virtual tracking simulation takes the form of a branching decision tree where teams (and individuals) choose their own adventure.

In each scenario, your team will discuss and decide on the best course of action.

Participants confront the same issues Alex and Renias faced while they tracked leopard, lion, and rhino in a challenging and dynamic environment.

Why tracking?

Tracking is both an ancient African craft and a modern metaphor.

Each one of us is a born tracker… tracking something important in our lives. The same applies to organisations.

Trackers deal with the complex world of nature – an uncertain, ever-changing environment beset with risk and uncertainty.

Their tried-and-tested process helps them navigate the challenges successfully.

Learning outcomes

The programme is designed for business teams who want a rich and highly interactive experience but who can’t gather in a room together.

It blends adventure, experiential learning and world class leadership content into a single experience… all delivered virtually.

It can be tailored to your specific situation – a team session, leadership conference, sales meeting, boardroom ‘away-day’.

Typical objectives include:

  • Revitalise your team – for the tough road ahead
  • Re-energise your leaders – and refocus on what’s most important
  • Build team spirit – working on interpersonal relationships and trust

The session will give your people a blueprint for becoming a winning team. They will have the opportunity to explore Mastery and learn what it takes to become a ‘master leader.’ And it will give them practical tools to stay on track in turbulent times.

Delivered virtually

‘Tracking Success’ can be run as a standalone session or integrated into an existing development programme.

It’s been run for groups as small as a board team of 5 and as large as a corporate sales team of 150.

It is easily adapted to suit your people’s availability and learning requirements.

A three-to-four hour session is ideal, allowing you to draw the most learning from the experience.

This is a highly motivational shared experience, with a serious purpose – to help develop your people’s leadership and teamwork in an increasingly uncertain world.

‘Alex and Grant take you on a fantastic tracking journey, using the bush tracking metaphor to share stories and insights that have enabled us to continue to develop our ability to both operate as an effective team and progress each of our own personal mastery. The concept, videography and facilitation come together in a meaningful and very enjoyable few hours.’
– Doug Laburn, Lombard Partnerships

The Tracking Success programme gets fantastic feedback. Give us a call on 01582 463460 to talk through how it might work for you.