The remote manager

A unique ‘flexinar’ programme

Line management can be a demanding job at the best of times. Even more so when some or all of the team are working remotely.

It’s not that the basic principles are any different, it’s just that the way we apply them is. Some managers have been quick to adapt to the new ways of working. For others, it’s been more of a challenge. But for all of us it’s been something of a learning curve and most of us would admit that there are still some respects in which we could improve.

Hence this flexible programme of bite-sized sessions.

It looks at all those aspects of a line manager’s role that are affected by remote working.

It’s designed to be used on a ‘pick ’n’ mix’ basis. Just run the sessions you want. Or offer them all and let managers choose the right ones for them.

Learning objectives

The overall objective of this unique offer is to help line managers:

  • Appreciate where and how they need to change their approach when working virtually
  • Refine their virtual communication skills
  • Develop their virtual presence
  • Pick up on vital signals that can easily be lost in a virtual world
  • Be as effective working remotely as they are in the office


Our flexible webinars – ‘flexinars’ – adapt around the needs of your people and your organisation. Sessions can be run one after the other in longer virtual workshops, or spread out to form a programme which can be supported with curated resources and practical activities.

Design your own programme, selecting the topics and focus you need. Session 1 is meant as the foundation programme – after that, pick ’n’ mix as you prefer.

Each topic is usually covered in around 45 minutes – a bit less if you want to cover a few topics in a single session or a bit longer if you want to go into more depth.

Some of them have options for more skills practice, using actors if you wish.

All of them can be tailored to your precise requirements.

We can work with you to create a flexinar package that suits you, adding other topics as appropriate (eg, on change management, or anything from our wellbeing or working from home series) or blending in with your existing activities in this area.

‘Flexinar’ menu – create your ideal programme

1 Remote management – keys to success

  • Creating the right environment
  • Communication
  • Team dynamics

2 The dynamics of remote teams

  • Manager / worker or team / worker?
  • The 3Cs of virtual management
  • The trust equation

3 Team leadership – communication

  • Communication channels
  • Communication styles
  • Communication preferences

4 Team meetings

  • The online team meeting
  • Engagement and focus
  • Quick hacks – to avoid death by Zoom

5 Remote delegation

  • Setting tasks and projects
  • Monitoring and maintaining
  • Motivating and inspiring

6 Remote emotional intelligence

  • Key EI skills and principles
  • How to apply them remotely
  • What to look out for

7 Remote coaching skills

  • Key coaching skills
  • What’s different about using these skills remotely?
  • The virtual coaching moment

8 Presentation skills – virtual presence

  • Storytelling
  • Three channels of virtual communication
  • Building rapport in a virtual environment

9 Presentation skills – virtual meetings

  • Group dynamics
  • Keeping control
  • Dos and don’ts

10 Presentation skills – the remote pitch

  • Using the functionality appropriately
  • Setting up for success
  • Getting the visuals right

11 The virtual interview

  • Core principles and key skills
  • Planning the virtual interview
  • Mini skills practice

12 The virtual performance review

  • What’s different about it?
  • Core skills
  • Overcoming the technology barrier

13 Crucial conversations

  • Sensitive issues
  • Challenging conversations
  • The effective virtual conversation

14 Collaboration and networking

  • Staying in touch with peers
  • Staying in touch with stakeholders
  • Skills for reaching out

15 Managing working relationships virtually

  • Recognising overdone strengths (yours and others) in a virtual environment
  • Managing and mediating conflict


These sessions can be delivered ‘as is’ or we can just take them as a starting point for a conversation with you. To have that conversation, give us a call today on 01582 463460.