Team identity day

A one-day workshop

All teams need to step back periodically and think about direction, where they have been and where they are going.

If a team is giving cause for concern, whether subjectively in terms of perception or more objectively in terms of its performance metrics, it may well be that the team is not functioning as well as it could with its existing resources. If there is no shared sense of purpose – no vision, no mission – then it is all too likely that energies are not being properly directed, that inefficiencies are arising and that the team is failing.

Equally, a newly formed team – or a recently restructured one – needs to focus first on the bigger picture before it can get down to the job of service delivery.

In situations such as this, a team identity day can be invaluable, helping the team establish a sense of direction, of purpose, of identity.

Learning objectives

This workshop usually has two very specific outcomes. First, a draft (or revised) vision and mission statements, sometimes expressed as a ‘Team Charter’. And secondly, an agreed set of next steps. Individual participants tend to come away from the event, inspired and motivated, with an increased sense of purpose and commitment and a better understanding of their own role as well as that of the team as a whole.

The net result is invariably an improvement in performance. Our raison d’être.


This very flexible programme is designed for teams at all levels, from first level managers right up to the Board. It works particularly well with internal service delivery teams (especially IT) and with newly created teams (eg, following a restructuring) but is appropriate for any team that needs to take a step back and think about its role within the organisation, by creating a draft team vision and mission that will ensure consistency in approach across all clients and stakeholders in the core aspects of its role.


This is very much a facilitated session, so a successful outcome requires the active participation of all those involved.

Workshop outline

1 Introductions / scene setting

  • Why are we here?
  • What do we all want to achieve?
  • What will be important to ensure we get the most from the day?

2 Beginning the journey to team identity

  • In what way we do we operate as a team now?
  • What examples do we have of working well together?
  • What are some of our biggest practical challenges in working together?
  • Team SWOT analysis

3 Who are our competitors?

  • Internal and external? (Depending on context)
  • Can they provide a better service than us?
  • What are the consequences for us as a team?

4 Team perception

  • How are we perceived by the business?
  • How are we perceived by our clients/customers/end users?
  • How do we see ourselves?
  • How do we see ourselves in the future?

5 Added value

  • What is added value?
  • How can we provide it?
  • Are we focusing on the right things?
  • Want v need v expect

6 Our team identity

  • Who are we and what do we do?
  • Why does our team ultimately exist?
  • What are we here to deliver?
  • Who relies on us?
  • Who do we rely on for success?
  • What consistencies in delivery must we demonstrate?

7 Our vision for success

  • What is a vision?
  • Why do we need a vision?
  • What is our draft vision statement?
  • What is a mission?
  • What is our draft mission statement?

8 Review

  • What is our team vision?
  • Do we have clarity about our team identity and approach?
  • What is our team charter?
  • What are some of our immediate next steps?

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