From team member to team leader

What are you letting yourself in for?

Organisations constantly give people their first line management role because the individual has been identified as being good at their day job, not necessarily being good with people.

People skills are a very different skillset from dealing with processes and tasks. Managing people can be the best job in the world, or the worst. No-one tells you what it’s like until you find out for yourself. ‘You’ll be fine’ is all you may get.

This programme is your opportunity to find out in advance what you might be letting yourself in for and whether it’s right for you – whether at this stage in your career, a bit later, or perhaps never. This can save you and your organisation time, effort and heartache.

You’ll find out what’s needed to transition from team member to team leader. You’ll learn what are the characteristics of good managers and see how you think you’ll measure up. You’ll discover what to look out for in the early days – what are the most common pitfalls awaiting the new manager and how can you avoid them?

It’s a very practical programme which will boost your confidence in managing people and help make the learning curve a little less steep as you transition from team member to team leader. It will help you develop the skills you will need for the rest of your career – it might well be the most useful programme you ever attend!

What’s in it for you?

  • Have a benchmark for what great managers do and don’t do – see how you measure up
  • Discover the pitfalls to look out for and develop strategies to deal with them
  • Identify your development areas to lead others effectively
  • Understand the importance of body language when communicating with your team – learn what to do, what not to do
  • Know how to deal with challenging employee behaviours
  • Find out what are the most common management dilemmas and how to deal with them
  • Boost your confidence for stepping up to management – or consider why it might not be for you

Workshop outline

(Full-day version, 9.30 – 5.00)

1 What are you letting yourself in for?

  • What makes someone a great manager?
  • The importance of preparation for management
  • Why would you want to manage others?
  • What makes a good boss?… and a bad one?

2 Key management skills

  • Knowing what it takes to be a manager – and how
    to get there
  • Adapting for different teams and individuals
  • Not taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach
  • Profile of an ‘ideal’ manager
  • Assessing yourself against the benchmark – where are you now?… where do you need to be?
  • Readiness to manage

3 Others’ reactions to you getting the job!

  • How will other people, especially fellow team members, react to you getting the job?
  • Positive reactions – what to expect
  • Negative reactions – what to expect
  • What can you do to emphasise the positive, reduce the negative?

4 The first month

  • Making an impact in the early stages
  • Scoping effectively and building the right plans
  • A simple technique to brainstorm what you need to cover/do/achieve in that first month

5 People skills

  • Skills needed to be an effective manager
  • Developing the ability to inspire, motivate or support others
  • A simple questionnaire to reflect on the skills needed to engage and develop

6 Body language

  • The crucial importance of body language
  • How do you come across?
  • Avoiding ‘emotional leakage’
  • Moving with purpose
  • Giving an impression of confidence

7 The transition from team member to team leader

  • Stepping up
  • Pitfalls
  • Opportunities
  • The ‘us and them’ dilemma
  • How to overcome challenges in transition

8 Meeting your team

  • How to outline your role and vision for your team
  • Using initial meetings to clarify roles and relationships as well as expectations
  • Understanding what your people want and need
  • Creating a relationship of open dialogue
  • Prepare for an initial meeting with the team

9 Management dilemmas

  • Handling challenging behaviour
  • Scenarios
  • Common issues faced by team leaders and managers – and how to deal with them

10 Actions and next steps

  • Review
  • Personal action planning
  • Next steps

‘From team member to team leader’ is one of our most popular ‘modules’ and Scott Rumsey is one of our most popular trainers. See some of the feedback he’s had recently from delivering this module virtually:

  • Scott is always really informative and encourages active debate.’
  • ‘Very comprehensive.’
  • ‘Very interesting and well presented.’
  • Engaging and interesting.’
  • ‘I liked that this session approached many challenges a new lead faces in their new role. When taking this new role from inside the team it’s very difficult to find the right way of imposing yourself as a leader while keeping an open relationship with your peers who are now under your management. Very helpful information and advice, both from Scott and from the others who contributed on the chat.’
  • ‘Really enjoyed how the trainer read each comment the participants put in the chat and was in an “open dialogue” with them.’
  • Great webinar as always – Scott Rumsey is both knowledgeable and skilled in managing to convey so much in a brief session.
  • ‘Great sessions, ideal length timewise for staff to attend. Engaging presenter and useful format with the online chat.’
  • Excellent facilitation from Scott, very interactive session.’
  • ‘It was very interesting and I will definitely use everything I learned in the future.’
  • ‘It was good to hear feedback and how everyone may deal with different situations.’
  • ‘Very beneficial and eye-opening to new techniques.’
  • ‘Just enough for one session. Gave food for thought.’
  • ‘Good session, good reminder on lots of things. Good to set out at the beginning (as Scott did) that there would be a handout. Good to set out videos not needed (but can if want to) – again as Scott did set out at the beginning. Good use of chat function for interaction.’
  • ‘Covered lots of topics, kept everything on track.’
  • Excellent training as usual. Useful info in comments section.’
  • ‘I enjoyed this session. I think it would work really well in teams and would generate a lot of discussion.’
  • ‘Very useful, with lots of great advice.’
  • Great session!

To discuss which management and personal effectiveness modules would best suit you, just give us a call on 01582 463460 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options.