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    Explore our presentation workshops if you want to be on the same level as TEDx speakers.


Making a presentation is often said to be one of life’s most stressful events. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can actually be fun! Especially if you tap into the secrets of the TEDx presenters – the world’s best speakers.

Let us show you how

Whether you want to prepare for a speech at a major conference or build confidence ahead of your first ever client pitch, we can help make sure your message ‘lands’.

We work across the board

We’ve helped thousands of people improve their presentation skills, from hundreds of different organisations across the UK and internationally.

Why Ted-style?

The best TED Talks set the gold standard for public speaking today. We can also learn from the worst.

The options

The main event

Our very popular ‘flagship’ programme. A workshop structured around the iconic TED Talks, the gold standard for public speaking.

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The main event works perfectly when delivered virtually. It’s run over two or three two-hour sessions instead. 

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If you need to start slowly, then whet people’s appetites with a 60-minute virtual session. It will give them a lot to think about.

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A more in-depth, two-day workshop workshop, giving you a chance to really stretch yourself and polish a ‘live’ presentation.

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We’re more than happy to design a programme to meet your specific objectives. Please see beskpoke samples 1, 2 and 3. 


Some one-to-one support could do wonders for your presentation style. This is where Susie comes in. She ‘gets it’.

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How often are you called upon to deliver a really important speech or presentation? You really need to make sure your material ‘lands’. 

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Special events

Every organisation needs to put on a different type of event from time to time. If you’ve got something in mind, give us a call today.

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Other options

Not all organisations want the TED-style approach. Other approaches can be equally valid. It depends on the organisation, the circumstances, the learning objectives. So here are some other options you might find more suitable:

Presentation skills module

This programme cover the foundation skills you need to improve the impact, clarity and structure of your presentations. Master the physical factors, harnessing the power of non-verbal communication. Engage your audience. Learn how to structure your presentation for best results. Deal with questions more effectively. Boost your confidence.

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This 90-minute virtual session will guide presenters and salespeople how to use compelling anecdotes, case studies, analogies and real-world examples that are engaging, memorable and persuasive, in order to enhance their communication. 

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Virtual impact

This 90-minute webinar is built on practical examples, learnings from business psychology and neuroscience, this practical session gives you a toolkit you can use to increase your virtual impact.

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Lessons from the rehersal room

This speech & communications one-day workshop is built on a range of tools taken from the world of the professional theatrical rehearsal room. Joshua Roche, professional Communications Coach and Theatre Director, will use these tools to coach confidence, clarity and personal impact when speaking publicly or communicating to teams.

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