Global training delivery from Maximum Performance

Over the last ten years or so we have built up an impressive network of associate trainers around the world. Programmes are designed here in the UK by Cyrus Cooper, who then talks each trainer through each new programme before it is delivered in either English or the local language as required. Local trainers also have an input into the customisation of the programme for local differences. The whole process is project managed from here in the UK.

See the case study as an example of how it works in practice and how our carefully selected trainers help us deliver results which exceed the client’s expectations.

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MDP brochure 2018-19 (open prog cover)

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We have rigorous selection criteria and we encourage clients to become part of the process by getting someone in the relevant local office to talk with each new trainer before they are engaged to deliver a programme for the first time. Evaluation results are shared between us, the client and the trainer to enable continuous performance improvement on all sides.

Trainers are selected for training experience and capability, sector and cultural background, language capability and, of course, subject matter qualifications, knowledge and experience. Most of our trainers specialise in management and personal effectiveness training. Some of them work at Board level, many of them have experience of front-line training (particularly customer service training), some of them also work as qualified coaches and some of them have particular specialisms in project management, sales and marketing, HR, L&D, engineering, IT, finance, procurement, etc, etc.


We currently have more than 140 associate trainers in more than 60 countries around the world, as shown in purple on the map below.
On a regular basis, we also fly subject matter experts out from the UK to deliver training internationally in such subjects as project management, contract management, procurement, finance, corporate governance, health & safety, customer service, etc.


Training can be delivered in either English or more than 30 local languages as required. Some clients specify use of English materials but with delivery in the local language. Others require the materials to be translated. In the vast majority of cases, our trainers undertake the translations themselves, for approval where necessary by the client. Our experience has been that this improves the quality of the translations and streamlines the process.

Languages in which we have delivered training internationally so far include:

Brazilian Portuguese • Cantonese • Dutch • French • German • Japanese • Korean • Mandarin • Polish • Romanian • Simplified Chinese • Spanish • Thai • Turkish

Other languages available include:

Afrikaans • Arabic • Chichewa • Czech • Danish • Filipino • Finnish • Flemish • Greek • Hebrew • Hindi • Hungarian • Indonesian • Italian • Norwegian • Portuguese • Sinhalese • Slovenian • Swahili


Written by an outstanding trainer, approved by the client and prepared by our own graphic designer, the materials can be printed in the UK and shipped out to the client’s international offices, the client can print them locally or the trainers can print them and bring them with them on the day: it’s the client’s choice.

Delivery methods

It’s in the nature of the subject matter that most clients prefer classroom-based delivery but most of our trainers also have experience of delivering virtual sessions, which can therefore be done in most languages and all time zones.

We’re also very experienced in delivering follow-up coaching, often from the UK (ie, in English) via Skype.

Client benefits

Our model is remarkably cost-effective. In most cases, we can charge a daily delivery rate that is much the same as the individual trainers would charge the client direct. Crucially, our very broad geographical coverage means that we can reduce travel and accommodation costs very significantly indeed.

Management from the UK ensures consistency and quality whilst our flexibility accommodates cultural alignment where necessary.

Outstanding results are a given – and we have the track record to prove it.

We work to the client’s processes and systems (we don’t impose our own learning management system, for example) and you, the client, have the ease and comfort of dealing with a single point of contact here in the UK. Clients also like the fact that we’re easy to work with.

Global training delivery is a core competence for us. To find out whether our approach would work for you please just give us a call on +44 (0)1582 714280. We’d be delighted to talk it through with you.