International: the global delivery team

All our UK consultants and associate trainers are happy to travel, but we also have an extensive network of trainers around the world. Here are some sample profiles (if you’re interested in a specific country, just ask):


Martin Maglia

Location: Vienna
Nationality: Austrian
Languages: German / English

Martin brings a balanced combination of high quality business experience, academic training and a passion for working with people to his work as an expert in training and coaching. Read more here.


Louis Seah

Location: Shanghai, China
Nationality: Singaporean
Languages: Mandarin / English

Louis is the Founder and Managing Director of his own management consulting and training business based in Shanghai and operating across the country and the region. Read more here.

Czech Republic

Iveta Zaklasnikova

Location: Czech Republic
Nationality: Czech
Languages: Czech / English / Slovak

Meet Iveta, a global citizen who has lived in 13 different countries and brings a wealth of experience to her coaching and training. Iveta’s diverse background, coupled with her extensive experience in sales, marketing, and business consulting, make her the perfect coach and trainer for those looking to excel in the tech industry. Her expertise has been sought after by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Apple, Amazon and IBM. Read more here.


Petra Simkova

Location: Prague
Nationality: Czech
Languages: Czech / English / French / Russian

Petra is an experienced and highly engaging trainer, coach and consultant who designs and delivers development training programmes to both teams and individuals on a wide range of subjects and skills including managerial skills, presentation skills, communication skills, facilitating skills, train the trainer, and business etiquette. Read more here.


Jesper Christiansen

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark and Lenzburg, Switzerland
Nationality: Danish
Languages: Danish / German / English

Jesper is a hugely experienced trainer, team facilitator and coach. Born and educated in Denmark, he has been dual resident in Switzerland and Denmark since 2008. Read more here.


Angela Lequenne

Location: Paris
Nationality: Italian (has lived in France since 1997)
Languages: Italian / French / English

An experienced cross-cultural coach and trainer, Angela has strong interpersonal skills. Read more here.

James Dillon

Location: Paris
Nationality: American (has lived in France since 1983)
Languages: French / English

James is an American in Paris. Fluent in French, he’s been based there since 1983. Read more here.


Tatjana van de Kamp

Location: Hamburg
Nationality: German
Languages: German / English / Dutch / French / Spanish

Tatjana is an experienced cross-cultural training consultant facilitating intercultural programs and communication workshops for managers and teams. Read more here.


Denise Chakranarayan

Location: Pune
Nationality: Indian
Languages: English

Denise is Director, Learning Solutions in a training, language and communication company based in Pune. She has been extensively involved in training for over twenty-five years and delivers workshops and webinars for a wide range of companies. Read more here.

Rashmi Saran

Location: Bangalore
Nationality: Indian
Languages: English / Hindi

Rashmi is an experienced trainer, coach, motivational speaker, and HR leader. Her passion and forte lie in developing leaders and helping them create an engaged and happy workplace and in bringing positive changes to people’s lives through coaching and empowerment. Read more here.


Michael Stafford

Location: Wexford
Nationality: Irish
Languages: English

An experienced cross-cultural trainer and coach, Michael has strong interpersonal skills. Open-minded and multi-cultural, customer and service oriented, curious and a quick learner, with a problem-solving attitude, he has excellent teaching and facilitating skills, listening, giving and receiving feedback, providing advice. Read more here.


Fiona Talbot

Location: Rome
Nationality: British (based in Rome since 2003)
Languages: Italian / French / English / conversational German / conversational Spanish

Originally from Birmingham, Fiona has been based in Rome since 2003, working as a trainer, facilitator and coach designing and delivering training and development programmes. Read more here.

Lesley Gowland

Location: Monza and Brianza (near Milan)
Nationality: English
Languages: English / Italian (some French)

Lesley focuses on motivational and business coaching, personal branding and talent management. Read more here.


Ronald de Haas

Location: Amsterdam
Nationality: Dutch
Languages: English / Dutch

Ronald has over 25 years’ experience in corporate life in addressing strategic, performance and operational improvements with multinational organisations in banking, insurance, industry and the food industry with a strong background in supply chain and procurement. Read more here.

Northern Ireland

Andy Galloway

Location: Belfast
Nationality: British
Languages: English

Andy is an experienced consultant, facilitator, lecturer and trainer with a background in vocational and academic education. Read more here.


Angela Gaehtgens

Location: Lisbon
Nationality: Portuguese
Languages: Portuguese / English / Spanish

With strong project management skills, Angela brings 16 years of organisational experience of HR Management to her training and coaching practice. Read more here.


Alexander Brazhnik

Location: Moscow
Nationality: Russian
Languages: Russian / English

Alexander is a very experienced training and development consultant, grounded in sales executive roles with international companies in UK and Russia. Read more here.


Yvonne Low

Location: Singapore
Nationality: Singaporean
Languages: English

Yvonne Low is a professional facilitator and talent developer with over 25 years of experience across various industries including retail, FMCG, chemical, electronics, education, healthcare, banking, insurance, information services, and media. Read more here.


Georgina Barquin

Location: Madrid
Nationality: North American, Spanish and Mexican
Languages: Spanish / English

Georgina has over 20 years’ experience of training top management tiers in renowned multinationals and other organisations. Read more here.


Jesper Christiansen

Location: Lenzburg, Switzerland and Copenhagen, Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Languages: Danish / German / English

Jesper is a hugely experienced trainer, team facilitator and coach. Born and educated in Denmark, he has been dual resident in Switzerland and Denmark since 2008. Read more here.


Arzu İrez

Location: Istanbul
Nationality: Turkish
Languages: Turkish / English

Arzu is a highly experienced trainer, designing and delivering a wide range of programmes to a variety of business sectors in both Turkish and English. Over the last decade or so she has provided training to over 200 companies and 10,000 participants. Read more here.


Madeline Schmidt

Location: San Diego, California
Nationality: American
Languages: English

Madeline specialises in high-impact leadership development, organisational development, and culture/change initiatives. She’s a highly sought facilitator and coach – with a great sense of humour! Read more here.

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