Why it pays to pay your interns

Why it pays to pay your interns

Why it pays to pay your interns

We read a great post by a popular HR blogger, Suzanne Lucas [@realevilhrlady] on the pros of paying your interns. It made a lot of sense to us, and we’d love to know your thoughts.

Suzanne rightly says ‘What you want in an intern is someone who’s interested in learning your business (and the world of business) and who will, in turn, help your company. And even though you can surely find high-quality interns who are willing to work for free, that’s becoming increasingly rare.’

Q: Why should you pay interns? Plenty are willing to work for free!

Big employers who have paid programs have tracked the difference and found massive benefits as a whole and for their bottom line. Including:

  • Three times the number of applicants for roles that offer at least minimum wage vs role that are unpaid
  • There’s research that shows that paid interns are more likely to convert to full time hires and stay with the company long term
  • Paid interns lower your risk in bad publicity

Q: What can a company expect to change when they switch from unpaid to paid internships?

  • First and foremost, is the quality of applicants. When you switch to paying interns the quality of the applicants goes up, so does the speed of training and the value an intern adds to the business. It’s also likely that you’ll end up hiring that person in a full time position.

You can read the full article here.

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