Top tips for a Management Development Programme

Top tips for a Management Development Programme

Free webinar 23 February 2018

Are you thinking about running a Management Development Programme (MDP) but aren’t quite sure where to start? Based on our experience of designing and delivering such programmes for a wide range of organisations it’s clear that:

• Every organisation is different
• Every organisation manages to think of most relevant points in advance
• No organisation manages to think about every relevant point in advance

If you’re contemplating a management development programme for your organisation, it is a big investment that you will be making. This webinar on 23 February 2018 will enable you to share your thoughts with other professionals and will give you the information you need before you make the decision. It will also help you decide whether to design and deliver your own or whether to look for an external provider. If you decide to do your own thing, it will give you a few tools and techniques and some approaches you could use as you see fit. If you decide to look for an external provider, it will give you a checklist of points to consider.

The webinar is perfect for L&D professionals, HR managers – anyone who has responsibility for management development training in their organisation.

Topics that will be covered:

  • How is your culture conducive to running a MDP?
  • How will you get buy-in from key stakeholders?
  • Who will deliver?
  • Where will it be delivered?
  • How long will the MDP last?
  • Residential or modular?
  • What content will you choose? Quality or quantity? Broad or specialist areas?
  • How will you transfer the learning?
  • How will you measure success?

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