Virtual classrooms

If you have employees in multiple locations it is often difficult and costly to get them all into a classroom for training. Virtual classrooms are ideal if you prefer a scheduled live-taught event but cannot easily get your audience into one room with the trainer.

Virtual classrooms allow a trainer to deliver a live session to learners at virtually any location – all they need is a PC, tablet or even a smartphone and an internet connection. The audio connection can either be through a separate phone call or by using the computer to dial in.

It is usually best if the participants join the virtual classroom in isolation. This ensures that everyone is engaged in the session and is not sharing a PC to connect.

The best virtual classroom tools allow the trainer to share content with the learners, run polls, break the learners out into separate ‘virtual’ rooms for group exercises and even see if a learner is being distracted by other applications such as e-mail.

We can deliver most of our programmes in a virtual format, using your platform if you already have one or one of a number we use on a regular basis (eg, GoToTraining, Zoom, Skype for Business, etc).

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