Social learning platforms

Modern learners are collaborative by nature, seeking answers from networks of people. Social learning through interactions with peers and experts is a popular method for the modern learner.

Social learning platforms allow employees to learn in a social, collaborative environment without having to be away from their job for long periods of time.

Maximum Performance favour the ‘Curatr’ platform to provide an online, social learning environment that can deliver structured and facilitated learning in a very informal way. We curate the content into bite-sized learning and discussion objects. Learners can dip in and out as it suits them within the duration of the programme.

Curatr is particularly effective when you want to develop a large, geographically dispersed audience and you are building on existing knowledge. It is also a great way to involve your subject matter experts in the learning by adding their views to the conversations.

We can very quickly build you a Curatr-based learning programme, giving you regular progress reporting and analytics – as well as a first-class training experience.

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