Learning reinforcement

Learning ‘just in time’ has become far more critical than learning ‘just in case’.

Targeting the right learning for each individual is becoming increasingly important. One size rarely fits all but is often the approach adopted for the sake of simplicity. With the use of easy to deploy assessment apps and a bite-sized, adaptive curriculum we can help you to identify a unique learning plan for each employee. Once each learning event has taken place it is important to ensure that the learning is not forgotten. Remember how overwhelmed the modern learner is when they get back to work!

Without reinforcement and application much of the learning is lost. Research by Professor Ebbinghaus showed that after just one day up to 50% of knowledge learned can be lost and after a week that can be as much as 90%! This is known as ‘the forgetting curve’.

We have tools to fight the forgetting curve. Using mobile friendly, short, spaced quizzes we can help learners retain more of what they learnt – up to 35% more.

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