We’re very impressed with the Aptimore Personal Development Report and we hope you will be too.

It’s an online learning tool that harnesses assessment, development, training, coaching and psychology to create a scalable way for organisations to develop their people’s skills in emotional intelligence, collaboration, management and leadership.

The beauty of the Aptimore tool is that it’s low-cost, high-value, innovative and very user-friendly.


We think of it as a ‘blended psychometric’

Learners complete an online profiling questionnaire and receive a personalised development report. The ‘blended’ element comes from the fact that they work through bite-sized online development modules at the same time, on which they receive personalised feedback, and to which they react in choosing their development actions. Each time a module is completed their development report is updated.

It can be used in many different ways, eg:

  • By individuals, to follow a learning journey entirely on their own,
  • To support a team, ideally in a facilitated session,
  • In a coaching context, adding a new dimension to the traditional psychometric,
  • As part of a structured management development programme, particularly when used as ‘pre-work’


Intrigued? We were – you should be!

For further details, download the brochure and then, for a free trial, please just give us a call us on 01582 714280 and we’ll be happy to organise it for you.