The key to success for Online Learning Platforms – a coaching culture

The key to success for Online Learning Platforms – a coaching culture

The key to success for Online Learning Platforms – a coaching culture

Is your organisation reaping its investment in Online Learning Platforms?

Classroom training is on the decline. In the US, instructor led face-to-face learning has recently dropped below 50% and this has been accompanied by a rise in virtual classroom events and online self-study (O’Leonard, 2013). The UK is following this trend.

What’s the impact on how we learn and the organisation’s return on its investment?

The challenge is how we translate our theoretical knowledge into doing things differently. How familiar is this type of scenario? A manager completes an online learning module on difficult conversations in preparation for a challenging appraisal and then ends up telling an underperforming team member their performance is satisfactory.

‘I hear and I forget,

I see and I remember,

I do and I understand’


The impact of a coaching culture on blended learning

We know we learn from experience. Trying out new things, reflecting, analysing then taking different actions. This ‘learning cycle’ underpins the concept of a 70:20:10 blended learning model. This centres around the idea that most of workplace learning (70%) comes through practical experience, about 20% comes from coaching or mentoring, and just 10% through classroom training and online courses. The key to the success of this is a coaching culture, which is about everyone in the organisation having a coaching mind set.

Online platforms

One learning provider – Aptimore – has developed a unique online platform that combines interactive training with a coaching approach. Users make decisions in different scenarios, receive personalised feedback and choose development actions to practise in their workplace. The integrated development report provides a practical tool for coaching and mentoring.

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