Servant leadership

90-minute webinar

The concept of the servant leader inverts the norm. Instead of employees existing to serve the leader, the leader exists to serve employees, especially those on the front line. Coined originally by Robert Greenleaf, he understands that customer service associates often have the greatest impact on what the customer thinks about the product and more particularly the service they receive. Whilst it challenges the traditional view, according to a study by Sen Sendiva and James C Sarros, Servant Leadership is being practised in some of the top-ranking companies today, and these companies are highly ranked precisely because of their leadership style and following.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the key benefits of a servant leader culture
  • Learn how to support those on the front line
  • Discover how to motivate and empower those who face the customer
  • Plan for the development of key front-line roles

Webinar overview

9.00 Welcome, agenda, key benefits of a servant leader culture

Welcome to the virtual session. Employee engagement and emotional health are now recognised as key factors in successful and sustainable organisations. Understand how a servant leader mindset can create a win-win-win scenario: employee, manager and organisation.

9.15 Combining philosophy with skill set

Servant leadership recognises the value of focussing on the needs of individual team members, particularly on the frontline. According to Larry C Spear, former president of the Robert K Greenleaf Centre for Servant Leaders, there are ten characteristics or skills you need to demonstrate to be a servant leader. Match your own against these requirements.

9.45 Understanding the link between empowerment and motivation

Owning the task and the skills/knowledge required plus the trust of your manager, creates the environment for people to succeed. By discovering the needs of each and every employee, a servant leader can tap into the true motivation and potential of each individual.

10.00 Committing to the growth of your people

A core human need is the desire to progress in life. This level of progression will vary from one person to another. Investing time and enthusiasm to helping people own and create their own development is key to helping them reaching their own goals as well as the organisations. This personal attention and commitment from their manager provide a solid platform for their growth as a person. Developmental feedback and praise, following by continuous coaching and support are critical tools in the servant leader’s toolbox.

10.20 Action plans and next steps

Participants reflect on their next steps and how they will implement their learning in the workplace. Each person makes a commitment for what they will do differently in a group whiteboard which can be circulated to participants following the session as a reminder of their actions.

10.30 Close

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