WFH – HR and employment law issues

90-minute webinar

The Covid-19 crisis continues to affect businesses across the board and the way in which we work as managers and individuals has changed dramatically. Rapid changes to our normal ways of working put a focus on what HR can do to best add value in these unprecedented times – not least, grappling with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Now more than ever, HR input is essential in supporting the business, in keeping abreast of new developments, and in supporting/developing managers and employees. Before long, HR will also be key to supporting the organisation post-Covid-19.

In amongst the many changes it is important that we remember and reinforce what has remained the same. This includes, of course, our legal obligations as well as upholding organisational expectations and responsibilities in relation to key HR policies and standards of behaviour.

This interactive hour-long webinar aims to help HR professionals through the complexity of HR and employment issues that are facing businesses grappling with the implications of Covid-19 today.

Learning objectives

This is a unique opportunity to ensure that you’ve got all the bases covered, including:

  • Key employment law aspects of changed ways of working
  • Confidentiality and GDPR
  • Furlough
  • Impact on HR policies
  • Employer responsibilities for those WFH
  • Practical aspects of handling issues remotely

Above all, this is an opportunity to get your questions answered and to share issues and experiences with your peers.

Webinar overview

1 Employment law issues

  • Working from home – policy and practicalities
  • How to assess homeworking remotely
  • Cyber security challenges
  • Confidentiality and GDPR issues
  • Working from home – contract v reality
  • Furlough v working from home – the key differences
  • Flexible working post-Covid-19 – what does the future hold?

2 Open forum

3 HR Issues

  • Impact on HR policies
  • Preventing issues – setting clear expectations
  • Handling issues virtually, eg, absence, conduct, grievances, etc
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Equipping managers with the skills to manage HR issues remotely
  • Continuing development for all staff – including training for furloughed staff

4 Open forum

5 Actions and next steps

  • Review
  • Personal action planning
  • Next steps

6 Close

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