Using our strengths to perform at our best

45-minute webinar

Why focus on improving your weaknesses when it’s your strengths that get you from just ‘okay’ to ‘excellent’?

Positive Psychology focuses on helping people to identify their strengths, to use them more and to develop them wisely. People in the strengths zone at work are more engaged, energised, have better working relationships and have the potential to perform at high levels.

If you are working with teams or leading others in your workplace and you want to stimulate them to become more motivated and productive come along to this session to give you some ideas and tools for working with your own strengths and those of your team.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the difference between strengths and talents
  • Using strength-spotting to identify strengths in conversations
  • Ways of measuring strengths with a focus on Strengthscope©
  • Learning some strengths interventions you can use in your work and with your team


This webinar is run by Dr Ceri Sims. Ceri has worked as a Psychologist for over 35 years at universities and research centres and is currently an Associate Professor at Bucks New University (BNU) and Coaching Hub lead for BNU’s Centre for Positive Psychology as well as being a Coaching Psychology Practitioner.

Ceri is also a ‘Strengthscope’ Master Practitioner, a Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Practitioner, a Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) practitioner and a Mental Toughness Coach (MTQ48).

Webinar overview

1 What are strengths?

  • The best in us
  • Difference to talents
  • Strengths and wellbeing

2 Strength-spotting

  • Identifying your own strengths
  • Spotting others’ strengths in conversation

3 Measuring strengths

  • A summary of measures
  • A focus on Strengthscope©

4 Strengths interventions

  • Tips from positive psychology
  • Your own strengths targets

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