Time & priority management

45-minute webinar

We’re all faced with more competing demands on our time than ever before. But do we even know where our time goes? Knowing how we spend it is the first step towards being able to control how we spend it. What non-essential activities can you drop? If there are things you can’t drop, how can you manage them better? How can you be more intentional about how you run your day?

This is an opportunity to explore different approaches to time and priority management. How can you make your life easier by using the compass, not the clock?

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to use the compass, not the clock
  • Understand where your time actually goes
  • Learn how to eliminate wasted time
  • Learn how to stay on track
  • Make your life easier!


Designed as a highly interactive 45-minute webinar for groups of 6 to 8, or 60 minutes for groups of up to 12, or 90 minutes for groups of up to 20.

Webinar overview

1 Time audit

  • How do you actually spend your time?
  • Important v ‘urgent’
  • Going beyond ‘busyness’
  • Pareto’s law

2 Eliminating wasted time

  • Identifying your ‘time-stealers’
  • ‘To-do’ lists or ‘to don’t’ lists?

3 Keeping on track

  • The First Things First Model (FTFM)
  • Compass or clock?

4 Actions and next steps

  • Review
  • Personal action planning
  • Next steps

5 Close

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