Staying connected when WFH

90-minute webinar

Working remotely by its very nature means people will be separated from work colleagues and line managers. Whilst this can be ideal when you need to focus on a specific complex piece of work, there are potential psychological challenges for some people. When there are gaps in communication and information, our brains naturally try to fill in the blanks. This is when misperception can play a part in misunderstanding and conflict, adversely affecting relationships and creating a feeling of isolation

In this practical webinar you will: increase your awareness of the potential pitfalls of working from home, discover easy-to-implement steps and learn to take responsibility for preventative action. The session will also help you to look out for fellow home workers, both inside and outside your organisation (or, indeed, home).

Learning objectives

  • Understand how physical separation can create a feeling of isolation and loneliness
  • Learn simple communication tips to increase connectivity with others
  • Discover how caring for others improves our own mental health

Webinar overview

1 Understanding human nature and the need to connect

  • We’re a social species!
  • The limitations of phone and email communication
  • Perception and the fallibility of our brains

2 Recognising the signs

  • Increasing our self-awareness
  • Identifying potential triggers
  • Asking for help

3 Creating useful strategies and habits

  • Deciding what works for you and your colleagues
  • Making these part of your normal routines

4 Reaching out to others

  • Identifying others who may be more at risk
  • Being proactive in your approach
  • Creating social events remotely

5 Actions and next steps

  • Review
  • Personal action planning
  • Next steps

6 Close

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