Relate (build good working relationships)

90-minute webinar

Working together effectively has a huge number of benefits, from feelings of satisfaction and wellbeing at work to increased productivity. Being able to relate to others and collaborate is good for everyone. This practical session encourages people to explore their current working relationships and to identify those that could be improved. Through proven techniques, peer sharing and role play they will develop strategies to take their relationships with colleagues to the next level.

Learning objectives

  • Explore their current working relationships to identify where they can be improved
  • Think about the impact of their behaviour on others
  • Have learnt strategies they can apply to develop relationships at a deeper level
  • Understand techniques for collaboration and splitting workloads on projects

Webinar overview

9.00 Welcome, agenda, overview

What are the benefits of having good relationships at work? What happens when things go wrong and relationships break down?

9.10 Understanding relationships

The elements that underpin good working relationships. Maister’s Trust Equation. What neuroscience tells us about social interaction and relationships.

9.20 Relationship mapping

Building a practical net-map that allows participants to review their key working relationships and identify the level of relationship. How they’re connected and whether it can be strengthened. The facilitator presents a practical mind-mapping tool and explains its use. Participants have a go at creating their own in a short individual activity. Group debrief.

9.45 Connecting at a deeper level

How to stop relationships being superficial. Understanding another person’s motivations and drivers in order build a strong connection. Focussing on the ‘whole person’ rather than only discussing work. Practise using video with the trainer.

10.10 Collaborating for success

How building an attitude of collaboration can create better working relationships, but also means you get to know one another better. Participants consider how they can better collaborate with others in their team or across the organisation.

10.20 Action plans and next steps

Participants reflect on their next steps and how they will implement their learning in the workplace. Each person makes a commitment for what they will do differently in a group whiteboard which can be circulated to participants following the session as a reminder of their actions.

10.30 Close

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