Prioritising when WFH

90-minute webinar

When working alongside our colleagues in a physical work environment, we are reminded of the need to get things done on a regular basis. This could be through face-to-face requests, checking in, or just by colleague’s physical proximity. When working from home, the tendency to think ‘out of sight, out of mind’, can creep into our behaviours. This means that we might be tempted to focus on what we enjoy doing, rather than what we should be doing!

Although we might have fewer interruptions from colleagues when operating outside the traditional working space, the greater danger lies in domestic temptations, distractions and interruptions. This is especially true when partners, children and elderly relatives share your home.

This pragmatic webinar highlights the common timewasters prevalent in home working and makes suggestions for eliminating them, or at the very least reducing their impact.

Learning objectives

  • Identify time-stealers and ways to eliminate them
  • Prioritise tasks effectively
  • Matching tasks to energy levels

Webinar overview

1 Eliminating wasted time

  • What temptations, distractions and interruptions do you encounter when working from home?
  • Employing different strategies
  • Enforcing boundaries

2 First things first

  • Which comes first, important or urgent?
  • Planning ahead to reduce stress
  • Understanding long-term habits

3 Understanding your energy highs and lows

  • Using the circadian rhythm to your advantage
  • Planning activity for the most productive times

4 Getting things done

  • Employing the 4Ds approach
  • Blocking time
  • Finding what works for you

5 Actions and next steps

  • Review
  • Personal action planning
  • Next steps

6 Close

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