Performance management – why bother?

90-minute webinar

Business success is only achieved by its people – they are a company’s greatest asset. Making sure you use your assets in the best way possible is a crucial business skill. This programme will help you develop and stretch your high achievers as well as manage any under-performers effectively. Addressing some of the common causes of under-performance and lack of motivation will help everyone in your team, free up your own time and help you achieve better results all round.

Learning objectives

  • Be able to assess the performance levels of your direct reports
  • Have some strategies for dealing with different types of under-performance
  • Be able to get the most out of high-achievers
  • Be able to set clear goals and communicate them effectively
  • Have increased confidence in managing performance

Webinar overview

9.00 Welcome, agenda, introduction to competencies

Welcome, introduction to the system. What constitutes good and bad performance. Recognising when performance dips and when to take action. Introduction to competencies and how they can be used to measure and assess performance. Agenda and personal objectives using ‘chat’.

9.20 Causes of under-performance and resolution tactics

Causes of under-performance and what to do about each one. Pairs ‘chat’ and group share of experience and solutions. Trainer shares experience of resolving performance issues.

9.35 Goal setting and communication

SMART goals and how they affect performance in an organisation. Participants design a SMART goal for a member of their team and reflect on how they will communicate it effectively to ensure it’s clear and understood.

10.00 Engaging and managing high-performers

What about high-achievers? They’re easy to forget about because they appear to need less managing; however, if forgotten about they will undoubtedly move on to another role more quickly. The importance of developing and challenging high-performers. Top tips for motivating and challenging people who are high-performing.

10.20 Action plans and next steps

Participants reflect on their next steps and how they will implement their learning in the workplace. Each person makes a commitment for what they will do differently in a group whiteboard which can be circulated to participants following the session as a reminder of their actions.

10.30 Close

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