Maintaining mental well-being

90-minute webinar

Mental health has been increasingly recognised as an important issue in the workplace over the last decade or so. And in the current Covid-19 situation, significant numbers of people are working from home in a climate of unprecedented crisis.  So we should all be able to recognise that it is more crucial than ever that all staff have the tools and the support they need to maintain their mental well-being while they endeavour to remain professionally active and productive, and that managers have, additionally, the ability to help their colleagues and protect them from excessive stress.

This webinar session provides an opportunity for managers, and others who have staff development responsibilities, to:

  • reflect on the potential and actual effects of working from home on their own mental health and that of their colleagues
  • explore the potential challenges of working at home alone, and equally the difficulties that might arise when people are constantly surrounded by family members who have their own needs and demands
  • discuss strategies and techniques that can help to alleviate acute stress and prevent mental ill-health
  • look ahead to people’s return to the workplace and discuss potential preparations and interventions that need to be put in place to facilitate that transition

Learning objectives

  • Greater ability to maintain your own mental well-being
  • Enhanced confidence in your ability to deal with colleagues’ mental health issues
  • Reduced risk of mental ill-health in the transition back to the workplace

Webinar overview

1 Managers’ own mental health

  • Factors you need to be aware of that could have an impact on your mental health while working from home
  • Strategies to maintain your own mental well-being and resilience

2 Mental health of colleagues

  • Factors that have an impact on staff members working from home alone or with the demands of family
  • The two key causes of stress and what you can do to address them
  • How to tell if someone is vulnerable to mental ill-health
  • What you can do to help. Contact, communicate, intervene. Includes the ‘5-Step Communication Model’

3 Moving back into the workplace

  • How to prepare yourself and your colleagues for the return to the workplace
  • Interventions to consider to facilitate the transition from home to office

4 Actions and next steps

  • Review
  • Personal action planning
  • Next steps

5 Close

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