Hybrid working

60-minute webinar

According to a BBC survey, 86% of the UK’s biggest employers said they did not plan to bring staff back to the office full-time. A further 8% said they were keeping the idea of hybrid working under review.

Whether we love or hate working from home, the world of work has changed and to a large extent it has been proved that flexible working can work.

Balancing the collaborative benefits of working in the same physical space with the focussed time and increased life balance of working from home, hybrid working seems like the ideal option for many staff and employers.

While there are opportunities, it doesn’t come without pitfalls.

This practical and focused 60-minute webinar raises awareness of the benefits of hybrid working, what goes well and things to be aware of and avoid.

Learning objectives

  • Understand what hybrid working is and how it works
  • Articulate what successful flexible working looks like
  • Overcome challenging situations around hybrid working and returning to the workplace
  • Build strategies to communicate effectively with a hybrid team
  • Explain key considerations for creating and maintaining effective hybrid teams
  • Analyse levels of motivation and engagement and take action

Webinar overview

1 What is hybrid working and how does it work?

Understanding the different approaches to hybrid working. Recognising and maximising the benefits and opportunities provided by hybrid working. Balancing the needs of the organisation with the working preferences of individuals. Understanding the seven different hybrid personas and what this means for creating the best hybrid environment.

2 Considering the pitfalls

Participants explore a series of scenarios to identify common problems that come up when hybrid working, eg, missed communication, reduced team time, managing performance and diary management. In groups, participants consider how they might manage some of these situations effectively.

3 Communicating and checking in with your team

Creating a consistent way of communicating that everyone is happy with and making sure that everyone feels included and they have equal career opportunities. Is the hybrid balance working? How are levels of motivation and engagement? Check in rather than checking up with your team is key.

4 Performance in hybrid

Most people come to work to perform well and therefore showing that we trust our people to do the best they can, will reap its rewards. Being clear about what good performance looks like and managing this when people are in and out of the office. Ensuring you set expectations for hybrid working and role-model the desired behaviours. This includes ensuring that employees have a sustainable work / life balance.

5 Next steps

Participants prepare their own plan on how to maximise hybrid working approaches in their own teams / organisations.

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