From team member to team leader

45-minute webinar

What are you letting yourself in for? Organisations constantly give people their first line management role because the individual has been identified as being good at their day job, not necessarily being good with people.

People skills are a very different skillset from processes and tasks. Managing people can be the best job in the world, or the worst. No-one tells you what it’s like until you find out for yourself. ‘You’ll be fine’ is all you may get. This webinar will help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Learning objectives

  • Appreciate the role of a manager and what’s involved
  • Understand your strengths and development areas for stepping up
  • Have a better idea as to whether a team leader or management role is right for you, at this stage in your career
  • Have a plan for dealing with the challenges


Designed as a highly interactive 45-minute webinar for groups of 6 to 8, or 60 minutes for groups of up to 12, or 90 minutes for groups of up to 20.

Webinar overview

1 Introduction

  • Objectives and agenda
  • So, you want to manage people? Are you sure?

2 What makes a manager?

  • Learning from the best…
  • … and the worst
  • What does the ‘ideal’ manager look like?
  • Self-assessment – what are your strengths and areas for development?

3 Stepping up

  • Making the change from team member to team – what are the challenges likely to be and how will you deal with them?
  • Top tips

4 Action plan and next steps

  • Summary of key learning points
  • Reflection on next steps
  • Planning for implementation of learning in the workplace

5 Close

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