Dynamic delegation

90-minute webinar

Most of us struggle to fit everything in at work; often staying late, sometimes suffering from stress and challenges with work-life balance. But does it have to be that way? No – when you have effective strategies for delegating to others you can achieve more, motivate others and contribute positively to their development. Everybody wins! This session will support participants in diagnosing readiness for delegation and giving clear guidelines to ensure work is carried out effectively.

Learning objectives

  • Know why effective delegation is essential in a pressured business environment
  • Diagnose readiness for delegation
  • Have an effective process for getting things done through others more consistently
  • Know how to manage unexpected demands by using all resources

Webinar overview

9.00 Why delegate?

Benefits to you, team member and the organisation. What stops you from delegating? Can we delegate upwards and sideways?

9.15 When to delegate

Selecting the right person to delegate to. Diagnosing the person’s readiness for a specific task. Using the Skill / Will matrix.

9.35 Communicating the task

Giving clear instructions. Adjusting your communication style for their preferences. Practise giving instructions & obtain feedback from colleagues.

10.00 Motivating and monitoring

WIIFM – communicating the benefits. Checking in rather than checking up. Understanding what motivates them and how they want to be managed.

10.20 Action plans and next steps

Review, personal action planning and next steps.

10.30 Close

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