Diversity and inclusion

90-minute webinar

This highly participative session focuses on the importance of valuing individual differences at work and creating a positive working environment, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. The programme highlights the responsibilities that managers have in this area and reinforces relevant organisational policies and procedures, particularly those relating to harassment and bullying. In addition, the workshop builds awareness of relevant legislation, taking a practical approach to minimising risk. The emphasis is on encouraging managers to manage positively and proactively, to model appropriate behaviour, to recognise issues at an early stage and to take prompt action to resolve concerns informally or formally as appropriate.

Learning objectives

  • Understand what is meant by diversity, discrimination and dignity at work
  • Know the importance of valuing individual differences and treating people with respect
  • Understand the role and responsibility of managers and other sources of support, eg, HR
  • Identify what constitutes unacceptable behaviour and manage issues proactively, either informally or formally as appropriate
  • Have built knowledge, skills and confidence in this area

Webinar overview

9.00 Welcome, agenda, diversity, discrimination and dignity

Welcome, introduction to the system. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the nine protected characteristics and the dangers of workplace discrimination. Agenda and personal objectives using ‘chat’.

9.20 The moral and legal case

A look at the moral responsibilities we have to ourselves and our colleagues, putting yourself in other people’s positions and reflection – how would you react if it were your loved ones being treated unfairly? A brief look at the legal side of discrimination, testing the group’s awareness (possibly across different jurisdictions).

9.40 Acceptable v unacceptable behaviour

What behaviour is acceptable and what crosses the line? Quiz to get participants thinking about acceptable v unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

9.55 Calling it out

Tips and tricks for calling out inappropriate behaviour in others. BIFF feedback – participants reflect on an experience when they’ve witnessed inappropriate behaviour, and how they would/could/will deliver feedback effectively.

10.20 Action plans and next steps

Participants reflect on their next steps and how they will implement their learning in the workplace. Each person makes a commitment for what they will do differently in a group whiteboard which can be circulated to participants following the session as a reminder of their actions.

10.30 Close

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