Collective intelligence

90-minute webinar

With the advent of artificial intelligence, collective intelligence now looks at the collaboration of people and computers to harness the power of both combined. Defined by MIT Sloan School of Management Professor Thomas Malone, collective intelligence occurs when both sides work together. This practical session looks at how people can work collaboratively with one another and technology to achieve optimum results.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the benefits of collective intelligence
  • Discover how to optimise the strengths of computers and humans combined
  • Appreciate the challenges managers may face in implementation
  • Learn how to manage communication in this new way of working

Webinar overview

9.00 Welcome, agenda, overview

What is collective intelligence and why is it important? Why harnessing the power of the ‘world brain’ can give your business the edge. Objectives, agenda.

9.15 Crowdsourcing for success

How working together and crowdsourcing across an organisation can result in sharing knowledge, experience and resources to benefit everyone. Strategies for connecting and collaborating. How to overcome barriers including where you work remotely or in different regions. Crowd wisdom v ‘group think’. Participants share their experiences of collaboration using microphone.

9.40 Architecture for collective wisdom

The importance of developing a digital mindset. Collaborating with technology and incorporating it in working practices to get the most from it. The collective intelligence landscape and how to build the right structures to engage. Participants consider their current structures and how they might need to adapt to gather knowledge from technology. How they are able to do this immediately.

10.05 Web intelligence

Explanation of what web intelligence is. Accidental web intelligence. The predictive power of search and The Google Zeitgeist, how to gauge popular opinion using social media and opinion polls. Participants explore how this may be of use in their roles.

10.15 Action plans and next steps

Participants collectively reflect on their next steps and how they will implement their learning in the workplace. Each person makes a commitment for what they will do differently in a group whiteboard which can be circulated to participants following the session as a reminder of their actions.

10.30 Close

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