Coaching skills in a time of Covid

90-minute webinar

How is your management style standing up to the pressures of working from home?

Are you maintaining the right level of personal contact? Are you totally submerged by emails? Or are you spending hours longer on the phone than you would like?

Now might be the time to step back for an hour to take a hard look at how your approach might benefit from a greater focus on the use of your coaching skills.

Using a coaching style means that you can have great conversations in which you create a sense of connection, listen, ask challenging questions and give feedback that encourages fresh thinking. All of this is good for those you manage, of course – but it’s also great for you.

Used appropriately, as this session will demonstrate, a coaching approach to conversations can help you create a greater sense of connection as you manage your team members virtually. It’s a way of working with them holistically to ensure that you deal with their needs whilst at the same time moving them forwards with work-oriented coaching conversations that reduce the burden on you.

Learning objectives

  • Deal with your team’s issues more effectively
  • Maintain their motivation and productivity
  • Reduce the strain on yourself

Webinar overview

1 What makes a great coaching conversation?

  • The core elements
  • The coaching mindset

2 Four key skills

  • Creating a sense of connection
  • Active listening
  • Powerful questions
  • Direct communication

3 The coaching framework

  • The TGROW model in practice

4 Actions and next steps

  • Insights
  • Actions

5 Close

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