Change management

45-minute webinar

Change is a given in any organisation today. You can choose to lead it, go along with it or ignore it – but the last of these options is not a route to success. The best approach is to be positive and proactive, whether that’s in a context of organisation-wide strategic-level transformational change, or whether it’s a question of making changes within the areas of the organisation that are within your direct control. This webinar will take you on a journey exploring your role in driving and supporting change, and the steps needed to bring about and deal with successful change.

Learning objectives

  • Understand your role in change and how everyone can initiate it
  • Be aware of the Kübler-Ross change curve and know how to handle your and others’ emotions
  • Understand John Kotter’s 8-step change model and relate it to the challenges you face


Designed as a highly interactive 45-minute webinar for groups of 6 to 8, or 60 minutes for groups of up to 12, or 90 minutes for groups of up to 20.

Webinar overview

1 Welcome, agenda, overview

  • Objectives and agenda
  • Why change is constant
  • Why it’s important to change
  • Why change is essential for career success

2 Emotions in change

  • The change curve
  • People’s typical behaviours and emotions at each stage of the change curve – both at work and at home
  • What behaviours should leaders demonstrate at each stage?

3 Coping with change

  • John Kotter’s 8 step model for dealing with change effectively
  • Interactive case study

4 Action plan and next steps

  • Summary of key learning points
  • Reflection on next steps
  • Planning for implementation of learning in the workplace

5 Close

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