Women in management

A one-day workshop

Currently, in all too many instances, businesses and employees fail to explore the full scope of individual potential and workplace contribution. It doesn’t have to be this way!

One group where personal potential frequently remains underdeveloped is that of female employees. Evidence clearly shows that women remain under-represented in key leadership roles, yet their presence on management teams is proven to enhance organisational performance and outcomes.

This one-day programme is designed to help women better navigate workplace behaviours that can still influence the scope of their development, contribution and potential career advancement. The session focuses on key issues that confront many women and explores practical, effective, empowering techniques that can be used to assess issues, address challenges, deliver improved outcomes and shape a strong sustainable personal proposition.

Learning objectives

At the end of the programme participants will have:

  • Objective frameworks through which to qualify and respond to the structural issues that can confront women in organisations and that can still influence perceptions (self and others), recognition and development horizons
  • Qualified what makes a difference when seeking to enhance personal value, drive scope of contribution and improve professional outcomes
  • Understood enabling communication techniques that create clear, powerful messages, enhance perceptions of presence, deliver impact and confidently convey achievement
  • Explored practical, confidence-building techniques that can be employed to deal with management challenges and difficult leadership situations assertively – ensuring a woman’s voice is not ignored, that she ‘can be heard and that her authority is recognised
  • Defined inputs, clear priorities and timelines to prompt action and identify the key next steps on the development journey
  • Guiding, flexible techniques to support future personal and professional growth and success


Benefits of this workshop for organisations include:

  • Enabling women to understand and address the potential barriers they may face in the workplace and equipping them with established techniques can unlock a wide range of organisational advantages beyond building individual employee capability, confidence and contribution.
  • Employers who actively target the exploration and development of female talent can potentially realise multiple benefits, from more innovative problem-solving through to enhanced productivity and improved financial performance.
  • In addition, organisations that empower women to positively engage and confidently demonstrate the full scope of their capabilities can unlock hidden depths of talent and extend organisational career horizons while materially strengthening employee engagement and Investing in women’s development can also be a powerful differentiator when seeking to attract talent from outside.


This programme is relevant to women from all sectors, at all levels and of all ages who have the ambition to advance their development, empower their potential and contribute more to the success of the organisation in which they work – all women who are keen to challenge themselves to maximise their talents, value, contribution, prospects and personal value.


This one-day experiential programme uses practical exercises supported by an action-oriented workbook to help shape simple, effective action plans.

Special features

Women in business rarely get the opportunity to learn together on an exclusively female programme. This dedicated approach has been created to provide women with the opportunity to connect, share common experiences and develop their skills in a constructive and supportive environment whilst enhancing the quality of their network.

A tailored version of the programme can be configured to work in light of an organisation’s cultures, values and performance and development programmes and to address the needs of specific individuals or groups, eg, millennials, women returners, high potential talent.

In addition, the programme’s output can be used to frame and guide a dedicated one-to-one coaching follow-up to reinforce and support key development priorities and actions.

The expert trainer

Rachel is a highly regarded training and HR professional. Her background as an HR and L&D business partner gave her broad experience of formulating, advising and supporting on HR matters across all organisational levels.

Workshop outline

1 Introduction

  • Workshop objectives and benefits of attending
  • Participant experiences
  • Personal objectives

2 Women in organisations – an overview

  • Change and progress – how far have we come?
  • Understanding and navigating the realities – structures and hierarchies

3 Managing and leading

  • Perceptions and legacy influences
  • Roles and role models – key skills
  • Being the manager and leader you want to be

4 Communicating and driving impact

  • Being heard – challenges and concerns
  • Saying and doing – delivering a complete message
  • Becoming an assertive leader – self-perception and confidence

5 Developing and managing your profile

  • Stakeholders, networking and coaching
  • Driving engagement, enhancing participation and inspiring others
  • Articulating success comfortably and confidently

6 Your future, your plan

  • Being authentic – success on your terms
  • Your proposition, priorities and plan

7 And finally…

  • Your next steps
  • Remaining ‘what ifs?’
  • Review and close

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