Negotiation skills in a day!

A one-day workshop

Anybody that has achieved success in business will tell you that you never get the deal you deserve – you only get the deal you can negotiate!

This one-day workshop is based on research findings and effective techniques from the Harvard Business School Negotiation Project; it provides a unique opportunity to learn and practice these skills in a safe environment using up to date materials and life-like practice negotiation case studies.

Our expert one day skills workshop helps participants learn the skills and behaviours of good negotiation, and how to select the most appropriate negotiation strategy and tactics to achieve the best outcome possible. Each delegate will leave the day armed with the confidence and practical negotiation skills to successfully apply in any situation.

Learning objectives

After completing this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the main types and style of negotiation and use the most appropriate strategy and tactics for each of them to achieve the best agreement
  • Apply the four most important concepts to put themselves in the strongest possible position in any negotiation
  • Use a systematic approach to preparing, presenting and concluding negotiated agreements
  • Analyse the power dynamics in a negotiation and apply tried and tested methods for communicating with, influencing and persuading the other side in a negotiation
  • Anticipate common barriers to agreement and use a tested approach to successfully concluding the deal they deserve!


Anyone who wants to learn the principles and practical negotiation skills used by the great dealmakers to get the best for themselves and their organisation.


This is a highly interactive and participative workshop designed to give the delegate a thorough understanding of the key principles and the confidence to use the practical negotiating skills in any situation. The programme uses a combination of participative seminars, group discussion and life like practice negotiation case studies to ensure that the course is always engaging and lively and that the delegate gets to try out and practice the key skills in a safe environment.

Expert trainer

This workshop was designed, and is delivered, by Paul Lower.

Workshop outline

1 What is negotiation?

  • Types of negotiation
  • Win-lose negotiations versus win-win negotiations
  • Wise agreements and principled negotiation
  • Key skills needed for negotiation

2 The four key negotiating concepts

  • BATNA – Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement
  • Setting your reservation price
  • ZOPA – Zone Of Possible Agreement
  • Creating and trading value

3 Using a four phase model for negotiation

  • Nine steps to successful planning
  • Discussing a deal – creating and claiming value
  • Making and framing proposals
  • Bargaining for the winning deal

4 Communicating, influencing and persuading

  • Effective questioning and listening skills
  • Understanding and interpreting body-language
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Understanding and using power
  • Proven ways to influence people
  • Six universal methods of persuasion

5 Negotiating tactics

  • Understanding what matters – what the numbers mean
  • Tactics for win-lose negotiations
  • Tactics for win-win negotiations
  • Effective team negotiating

6 Barriers to agreement

  • Common barriers to agreement
  • Dealing with die-hard negotiators
  • Dealing with lack of trust

7 Closing the deal

  • Four steps to closing the winning deal
  • How to know when to walk away from a deal

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