Influencing and negotiating

A one-day workshop

You can’t do it all. Whatever your role, you rely on other people. Whose support do you need? Who needs your support? How is that support gained? It all comes down to influencing and negotiating. Those who are better at it find it easier to achieve success.

So this workshop is designed to help you develop your influencing and negotiating skills.

It’s not about ‘hard’ contract or sales negotiations. It is about working out how best to work with others, particularly in terms of getting what you need from them so that you can achieve your specific objectives. And doing so in a positive, constructive way – win / win!

Learning objectives

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Assess your influencing and negotiating skills (from development areas to over-done strengths) and build on them for specific situations
  • Take a proactive approach to developing your network of stakeholders and influencers
  • Apply the push-pull model of influencing skills
  • Influence others more effectively, both on a one-to-one basis and in meetings
  • Choose the most appropriate negotiating approach for each specific situation


This workshop is relevant to anyone who needs to work collaboratively with others. Managers, graduates and team leaders have all benefited from this tried-and-tested programme.


A highly practical one-day workshop for a group of up to 12 people.


You will be asked to complete an ‘influencing self-assessment inventory’ questionnaire in advance and to bring it with you to the workshop.

Workshop outline

1 Welcome and introduction

  • Workshop objectives
  • Personal objectives and workplace challenges
  • Personal action plans

2 What do we mean by influencing and negotiating?

  • Persuading? Negotiating? Influencing? What’s the difference?
  • Where do you need to influence and negotiate in your role?
  • The skills, knowledge and attitude required to be a successful influencer and negotiator
  • How good are you?

3 How can you influence others?

  • Your pre-work questionnaire
  • 7 influencing power bases
  • Influencing your manager
  • Powerful stakeholders – using the power/interest grid
  • The emotional bank account
  • Influencing in meetings

4 Negotiation approaches

  • Preparing for a negotiation
  • Self-assessment inventory
  • 5 approaches to negotiation
  • You want some water?
  • Let go of the orange!
  • Win-win

5 Negotiation scenarios

  • Practical negotiation exercises

6 Review and action plans

  • Review
  • Next steps

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