Unstoppable success and embracing change using a growth mindset

A one-hour / half-day / two-day workshop or 12-week programme

There is a lot of anxiety on the planet at the moment, with all the changes that are going on globally. The last 3 years have shown us how important it is to be even more resilient and be ready to embrace (and even look forward to) change, even at a moment’s notice. A great tool to do this is to develop a growth mindset. A growth mindset also enables one to stay more motivated and thrive (even under challenging circumstances) and helps reduce anxiety. It also helps organisations to support employees to align to the company vision.

A growth mindset can support how we approach challenges and achieve our goals, whilst constantly staying motivated and growing as individuals both personally and professionally. I have found that both personal and professional growth is needed for lasting progression. It also allows one to draw on strengths, develop weaknesses and to value what they are doing. It can really help to feel more fulfilled and more in control of your life and any embrace challenging external situations with enthusiasm.

Learning objectives

  • Learn to embrace (and even look forward to) change and see the benefits of change in one’s professional and personal life
  • Develop a growth mindset as a way of embracing change and continuous growth. Moving from a fixed to a growth mindset. Understanding your own mindset
  • Create culture change aligned to the company to support its vision and mission. Setting powerful and exciting but realistic goals. Setting goal milestones, measurements, short and longer term wins
  • Action plan formed of daily habits, mindset, behaviours and actions to make the goals a reality
  • How to become more resilient, take charge and create a renewed, stronger sense of self. Lead with pride. Develop the resiliency needed to grow into the next level success, especially in uncertainty
  • Overcoming (or managing) anxiety, fear, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs. Creating a new success, growth identity. Identifying and releasing what is no longer serving
  • Identifying any new skills and competencies needed to support the goals set. Looking at ways of being supported


Organisations, individuals, teams, leaders and professionals who are already highly successful but are ready to create even more success. Wanting to move from good to great, or great to greater. Set new goals, get motivated and excited to see the possibilities and growth that come with embracing change.


*Can be tailored to align with any organisational change initiatives:

  • Talk (1 hour), unlimited number of participants, online or in person
  • Half-day workshop (4 hours), 12-15 participants, in person
  • 2-day workshop (16 hours), 12-15 participants, in person
  • 12-week programme, 12-15 participants, in person or online, 1.5 hours a week

One-to-one support can also be provided in addition if required.


A pre-workshop questionnaire will be sent out to all participants to prepare. Some supporting materials during and after the program will be provided and / or recommended. These may include – goal setting templates, refining of goals, action review, weekly checkpoints, time and action prioritisation, reading, podcast and film recommendations, journaling, physical exercise, food and nutrition review, behaviours, mentoring, meditation, mindfulness, skill courses, amongst other things.

Expert trainer

Meera is a speaker, educator, trainer, and mindset expert with over 15 years of experience in personal and leadership development and conscious change. She has worked with countless entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, global corporates and organisations, helping them navigate change and create powerful transformations.

Born and brought up in Kenya, Meera now lives in London. She has travelled the world, giving her a real sense of diversity and culture across different continents and living an international life. When she was young, Meera was academically very bright but also very shy – and ended up starting a highly successful London career in investment banking, a male dominated and highly pressured environment. Meera quickly learnt to speak up and get empowered!

She has also faced financial difficulties and some really challenging times including The Dark Night of the Soul – and has managed to turn all this around into the success that she is today. Meera is passionate about helping others to live with meaning, human growth and she practices living a highly conscious life as much as she can.

Workshop outline

1 Understanding a fixed vs growth mindset

  • How they can affect behaviour, performance, motivation and anxiety, both in one’s personal and professional lives
  • Understanding your personal mindset

2 Understanding the company, mission, vision, culture and see where employees can play an important role in supporting this**

3 Develop a growth mindset identity, vocabulary and language

  • Use it to enhance learning, behaviours and engagement
  • Can also be used to give feedback

4 Getting motivated and embracing change (both internally and externally)

  • Using challenges and failures as opportunities for growth and learning
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding resistance

5 Overcoming obstacles

  • Fear of failure, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, anxiety
  • Techniques and tools to help overcome these
  • Discussing the importance of goal setting as motivator

6 Setting clear goals

  • Both short term and long-term, aligned to the company goals
  • Having clear milestones
  • Finding any skills and competency gaps and how to bridge these
  • Identifying sources of support both personally and professionally

7 Develop resilience and persistence

  • Discuss the role of resilience in personal and professional success and its important foundation for any growth

8 Creating a daily action plan to achieve goals

  • Setting the mindset, habits and behaviours needed to achieve goals (includes food, exercise, creativity, self-care, time management, prioritisation, mindfulness, expanding comfort zones – amongst other mindset techniques to use daily)

9 Setting up milestones

  • Goal measurement and regular review post workshops

10 Energy and mindset management

  • Learning how to manage one’s anxiety, overwhelm and avoid burn-out
  • Techniques to manage one’s energy so that the mind stays clear and focused, whilst ensuring self-care and nourishment

** NOTE: Where appropriate, leaders from the organisation will be invited in to support discussion of the company mission, vision, culture, KPIs, etc.

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