Future mindset

A half-day workshop

This half-day workshop will help participants to understand and explore the changing world that we live in and what these changes mean for organisations. It will also explore, at a high level, how the brain works and how people respond to change. It recognises the disconnect between the changing world and how our brains work and will provide insights and strategies that will help colleagues to think about how they deal with change and transformation.

The workshop will give participants an opportunity to reflect on their own experience of change and how they typically manage change. It will give them an insight into how and why people find change challenging.

Learning objectives

At the end of the session, participants will:

  • Understand why the world is changing and the key trends that are driving this
  • Have considered the impact of these changes in the world on customer behaviours and preferences
  • Understand how the brain works and how it responds to change
  • Be aware of how people react and respond to change
  • Have developed an understanding of the practical tools and techniques that can help individuals deal with change
  • Have developed insight, knowledge and skills in working in a changing world successfully


All individuals, in any type of organisation – large or small; public, voluntary or private sector.


This half-day programme is highly practical and participative. It uses videos and practical exercises to illustrate problems and develop a best practice approach in dealing with them. Group discussions and feedback are used to develop learning points and to enable participants to relate examples to their own situations. Participants will be sent a welcome pack in advance of the session which will include some pre-course reading as well as asking them to reflect upon their own experiences and challenges in this area.

Special feature

The majority of the training we deliver is either tailored or completely bespoke. This workshop can therefore be delivered entirely as advertised, or it can be tailored to your particular requirements, or we can simply take it as a starting point for a conversation with you before we draft a completely bespoke programme for you – the choice is yours. As a rule, there is no additional charge for this service.

Expert trainer

Gill is an experienced leadership and talent development specialist with a focus on driving change in individuals and organisations. She specialises in understanding the capabilities that leaders need to deploy now, or will need in future, and works with organisations and individuals to develop those capabilities.

Workshop outline

1 Introduction

  • Workshop objectives and outline of the workshop
  • Participants’ experience and confidence in this area
  • Sharing personal learning objectives

2 Why is the world changing?

  • The global trends that are driving change in the world
  • Exploring what these trends have meant and mean to us as individuals

3 The impact of global trends on organisations and customers

  • The impact of these trends on organisations
  • The impact of these trends on customer needs and preferences
  • Exploring the impact on organisations who have changed/not changed

4 Understanding the neuroscience of change

  • An introduction to how the human brain works
  • Understanding the impact of changes on the brain
  • Exploring the impact of changes on our thoughts, emotions and actions

5 Fixed or growth mindset?

  • Exploring the differences between fixed and growth mindsets
  • What is your mindset?
  • How can you move towards a growth mindset?

6 Surviving or thriving?

  • The difference between surviving and thriving
  • Identifying what you can influence and control in a changing world
  • Practical tips and tools for helping your brain to deal with change
  • Responding to challenging situations

7 And finally…

  • Open forum
  • Action planning – identifying how participants will transfer this learning into the workplace and what else they may need which will help them to do this effectively
  • Review and close

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