Compelling communication

A two-day workshop

Effective communicators just do it! It is a skill. And skills can be taught, which is why this two-day workshop is so very interactive, enabling participants to practise their skills in a positive, supportive environment.

The programme gives an overview of what great communication looks like – and the impact of getting it wrong. It focuses on the range of communication styles available to us and how we can build rapport with others so that we can be more in charge of the communication dynamic.

Learning objectives

This workshop will help you:

  • Appreciate what great communicators do
  • Understand how messages are communicated
  • See the world through a different set of eyes
  • Enhance your impact
  • See how others may perceive you
  • Discover how assertive you are
  • Practise active listening
  • Use Transactional Analysis in communication
  • Apply the DESC technique (describe-express-specify-consequences)
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Summarise and paraphrase to ensure understanding
  • Solve problems – at different levels of involvement
  • Deal with difficult people or situations

Above all, this programme will help you put theory into practice.


We all need communication skills! This programme has been designed for all those who wish to become more effective, more compelling, in their communication.


This two-day course is based on a series of short theory and good practice facilitator-led sessions followed up by personal practice. Group discussions are frequently used to identify personal experiences of good and bad communication. Expert trainer feedback enables participants to develop workable personal action plans for improved confidence and delivery.

Workshop outline

Note: before attending the workshop, you should seek feedback on your communication style from five people. You should ask each person to identify:

  • Two things you do well when communicating with that person
  • Two things you need to do differently when communicating with that person, in order to enhance the relationship

Day one

1 Welcome and introduction

  • Participants are welcomed to the programme and invited to share their personal objectives and communication challenges
  • Participants are given an action plan template to complete throughout the workshop

2 Great communication

  • What great communicators do
  • What do you do?
  • Assessing your current communication effectiveness
  • What is your ‘interference’?

3 Perceptions

  • Another view…
  • Cultural communication
  • Speed feedback

4 Your approach

  • Assertiveness in communication
  • The reasons why you say the things you say
  • The iceberg model
  • Your impact on others

Day two

5 Effective communication techniques

  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • How to adapt/pace and lead to build rapport
  • The Mehrabian theory of communication
  • DESC technique (describe-express-specify-consequences)

6 How to manage conflict

  • What is conflict?
  • What is your default conflict approach?
  • Tools and tips for managing conflict
  • Practice sessions

7 Transactional analysis

  • The theory bit
  • Types of ego states
  • Communicating with similar / different ego states
  • Reframing situations

8 Problem-solving

  • Seeing the bigger picture
  • Involvement v empowerment
  • Your strategy for success
  • Actions and learning

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