Brilliant workshops

A three-day workshop

At some point in your life you will have attended a workshop, but what happens when you are asked to deliver one? Some people relish the opportunity while others are scared by it. Whatever you feel about public speaking, it is a skill that is admired by many.

This hands-on three-day workshop will help you plan, perform and analyse your workshop. With the trainer, you will be practising the workshop you have been asked to deliver, making the learning real and giving you the chance to practice.

Learning objectives

This workshop will help you:

  • Understand the difference between trainer and facilitator
  • Learn key questioning skills
  • Discover ways of planning and designing workshops
  • Know your audience
  • Develop your own presentation style
  • Understand and manage group dynamics
  • Analyse how the presentation is going
  • Effectively evaluate your performance once it is over
  • Learn what to do next

Above all, this programme will help you put theory into practice.


Public speaking skills are important for everyone. This workshop is for those who wish to develop their skills, and is especially designed for people with little or no experience in running workshops.


This three-day course is based on a series of short theory and good practice facilitator-led sessions followed up by personal practice. Group discussions are frequently used to identify personal experiences of good and bad facilitation. Expert trainer feedback enables participants to develop workable personal action plans for improved confidence and delivery.

Workshop outline

Note: before attending the workshop, you should seek feedback on your communication style from five people. You should ask each person to identify:

  • Two things you do well when communicating with that person
  • Two things you need to do differently when communicating with that person, in order to enhance the relationship

Day one

1 Welcome and introduction

  • Participants are welcomed to the programme and invited to share their personal objectives and communication challenges
  • Participants are given an action plan template to complete throughout the workshop

2 What, who, when, how and why?

  • Trainer or facilitator?
  • What does the client want?
  • What does the client need?
    • Identification
    • Generating solutions
    • Agree preferred solution
    • Implement solution
  • Questioning skills
  • The learning contract
  • Holding up the mirror

3 Do I have the skills?

  • Playing to your strengths
  • Perceptual positioning

4 Planning and design

  • Types of delivery
  • Structuring your talk/presentation
  • Designing your own workshop
  • Pre-work – pros and cons
  • Tools and types of supporting resources

5 Know your audience

  • Why are they there?
  • Learning styles
  • Roles of resistance
  • Handouts or workbooks or other?
  • Time v quality v cost

6 Presentation styles and your stage

  • Making a brilliant impact
  • Creating the right impression
  • Building your confidence
  • Your speech profile
  • The venue and room layout

Day two

7 Now it’s over to you…

  • Opening lines
  • Challenge v support model
  • Controlling nerves
  • Internal and physical warm-ups

8 Managing group dynamics

  • Ground rules – pros and cons
  • Dealing with challenging types of people
  • Stages of group dynamics
  • Adaptors and innovators
  • Social styles

9 How well’s it going?

  • I think it’s going well – you need more!
  • Energy levels
  • Your cultural architects
  • Crave the feedback

Day three

10 Evaluation

  • When to evaluate
  • What are we measuring?
  • Evaluation approaches

11 Your session evaluated

  • Feedback from your session
  • Did you measure what you wanted to measure?
  • What you did well/could do differently

12 What next?

  • What happens one month on? Did you make a difference?
  • Measuring return on investment
  • Learning nudges
  • Capture success and spread it

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