Working in a political environment

A unique ‘flexinar’ programme

The local government political management process works best when elected members and officers understand their respective responsibilities, have good communication systems in place, and have good working relationships.

This virtual classroom will help you navigate your Council’s decision-making processes more effectively and get to grips with who is responsible for what. You‘ll get a better understanding of where you fit in, and of your roles and responsibilities, and you’ll also get some very practical suggestions for influencing elected member relationships.

You will increase your knowledge and understanding and be able to think about how you manage within a political environment.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the political structure of your Council and the various roles and responsibilities of the political post-holders involved
  • Understand the political decision-making process and how you fit in
  • Understand the implications for you of the Member Officer Relationship Protocol
  • Understand good governance and the role Democratic Services play


A uniquely flexible virtual classroom session.

Design your own programme: focus on ‘how to’ topics, on tools and models, or best practice techniques and new ideas. Or pick ’n’ mix as you prefer. Choose one numbered topic for a 45-minute session, two for 60 minutes, three for 90 minutes. If you want more topics, give us a call and we’ll discuss the best way of structuring the session for you.

The ‘Introduction’ and ‘Action planning’ sessions come as standard to help participants identify what they need to do differently to improve their personal effectiveness.

‘Flexinar’ menu – choose any three of the eight numbered items to create your ideal programme.
(The ‘Introduction’ and ‘Action planning’ sessions come as standard, whatever the session length.)


  • Thinking about our personal challenges
  • Learning objectives

‘How to’ topics

1   Communicating with elected members
2   Understanding the motivations of elected members
3   Understanding political structures and decision-making where you work
4   4 How to support good governance as a manager (includes key advice)

Tools and models

5   The ‘five influencing styles’ model
6   The Member Officer Relationship Protocol

Best practice techniques, tips and new ideas

7   Political roles and responsibilities
8   Accessing resources, information and support (this option relies on your organisation providing some of the information to make this relevant to your situation). BONUS – we can usually fit this into the 90 minutes as well as the three topics you choose!

Action planning

  • Review
  • Personal action planning

To discuss which ‘flexinars’ would best suit you, just give us a call on 01582 463460 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options.