Motivation and engagement

A half-day workshop

This workshop packs in a host of important up-to-date thinking and evidenced practice and aims to help managers understand how to spot the signs of motivation (or lack of it) and how to build engagement at work. It clarifies the critical difference between true motivators and maintenance factors, which do not de-motivate, but are important to managing motivation and engagement in a team.

There is an option after the scheduled mid-session break to have two topics or go for an overview with tips and guidance, depending on your needs. A short learning guide with some templates supports the learning.

Learning objectives

  • Identify key motivating factors that affect people at work
  • Learn some ideas and approaches for effective engagement
  • Understand your role in staff motivation and be able to spot the signs and levels of motivation in others
  • Learn some models and tools
  • Learn about current evidenced-based thinking that supports having the appropriate approach to motivation at work


This session is appropriate to all line managers, team leads and supervisors.


A highly practical half-day workshop (three hours) for a group of up to 12 people. A short mid-session break is included in these timings.


Amanda is always the first port of call for public service and VCSE clients. She is an extremely popular trainer, facilitator, coach and consultant with an in-depth understanding of what it means to work in the public and VCSE sectors.

Session overview


Complete a self-assessment about your personal motivation challenges.

1 Welcome, aims and introductions

  • Learning objectives
  • Peer discussion of your self-assessment results

2 What is motivation made of and why is it important?

  • Different types of motivation
  • Identifying your personal motivators
  • Precursors to motivation to remember as a manager

3 Spotting the signs and characteristics

  • How to notice when people are motivated, or not, objectively

4 Tools, approaches and guidance

Choose two of these topics or have all of them delivered as a guidance and good practice overview with resources to take away and complete in your own time:

  • True Motivators model and theory
  • Skill/ Will – mapping everyone’s motivation in your team to help tailor your management approach.
  • DEAL – a model to help you hold an assertive discussion with structure based on an outcome
  • Commitment v compliance engagement model (helps in supporting change and dealing with resistance and de-motivation)
  • Motivation approaches – practice guide and ideas for action, including how to deal with common motivation issues
  • How to write a manager’s motivation plan

5 Action planning

  • Personal action planning

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