Motivation and engagement for managers

A one-day workshop

Motivation is a key factor in effective people management and successful team performance. It involves engaging and inspiring your people and developing them in such ways as to improve their effectiveness and thus have a greater benefit to customers. It can also involve having tough conversations with those who do not seem to be motivated.

This one-day workshop will help managers explore what they need to do to create a motivating environment at work and learn some tools and ideas to inspire motivation at individual and team level. It will provide up-to-date, evidenced-based theories to explore and equip them with knowledge and skills for effective engagement. Participants bring their motivation challenges to the day, to use as case study material.

Learning objectives

  • Identify key motivating factors that affect people at work
  • Learn some ideas and approaches for effective engagement
  • Understand your role in people motivation and be able to spot the signs and levels of motivation in others
  • Learn some models and tools
  • Learn about current evidenced-based thinking that supports having the appropriate approach to motivation at work


This session is appropriate to managers at all levels, team leaders and supervisors.


A highly practical one-day workshop (seven hours including mid-morning and afternoon and a lunch break) for a group of up to 12 people.


Amanda is always the first port of call for public service and VCSE clients. She is an extremely popular trainer, facilitator, coach and consultant with an in-depth understanding of what it means to work in the public and VCSE sectors.

Session overview


Complete and bring to the session:

  • a self-assessment which captures some personal motivation challenges
  • some initial case study notes for someone in your team you believe needs to increase their motivation (template provided)

These will be used in several exercises to aid thinking and action planning.

1 Welcome, aims and introductions

  • Learning objectives

2 Where does motivation come from?

  • What is motivation made of?
  • Identifying personal motivators

3 Defining motivation and why it is important

  • Different types of motivation
  • Spotting the signs and characteristics

4 Engagement – commitment or compliance?

  • A model to aid engagement and cultivate commitment
  • Human behaviour and promoting positive perception

5 Modelling a theory

  • Using an evidenced-based theory to explore true motivators
  • Creating an outline motivation plan for someone you manage using your learning

6 Tools

  • Skill/Will – mapping motivation across your team to tailor your approach
  • DEAL – a structured conversation tool that helps with more challenging conversations
  • Peer review and discussions to support ideas into action

7 Action planning

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