Management in a day!

A one-day workshop

Having the right set of skills, tools and techniques helps us to manage in a productive and beneficial way and supports our growth as a manager, as well as the development and performance of those in our team.

This is the ideal workshop for anyone who is new to managing, is ‘acting up’ or is an ‘accidental manager’ who hasn’t had any formal management training (still very common – you’re in good company!). It’s also a great refresher.

It offers a practical overview of what it takes to be a line manager and explores the roles and responsibilities involved. The aim is to equip you to do your job effectively and help you engage with your team with confidence whilst understanding which areas need development.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the roles, responsibilities and attributes of a line manager
  • Understand the range of styles and approaches you need for different situations
  • Understand the impact of your communication style
  • Understand how to create a motivating environment
  • Understand how to hold a structured 1-2-1 performance conversation


This workshop is appropriate to all new line managers, those who are acting up and ‘accidental’ managers. It is also a useful refresher for anyone who hasn’t completed management training in a while.


A highly practical and immersive one-day workshop (seven hours including two mid-session breaks and lunch) for a group of up to 12 people.


Amanda is always the first port of call for public service and VCSE clients. She is an extremely popular trainer, facilitator, coach and consultant with an in-depth understanding of what it means to work in the public and VCSE sectors.

Session overview


Complete a ‘personal shield’ (a creative task, using a template) and bring it with you to the workshop.

1 Welcome, aims and introductions

  • Learning objectives

2 Presenting your shield and exploring the role

  • Small peer group activity that captures the information and learning from presenting pre-work
  • The role, responsibilities and attributes of a manager

3 Roles and responsibilities explained

  • Key responsibilities of a line manager unravelled

4 What’s your communication style?

  • Highly practical exercise to explore a communication model and increase awareness of personal styles and their impact

5 Motivation and engagement

  • A practical theory to test out together for different types of motivation
  • How to spot the signs and characteristics
  • Dealing with typical motivation issues

6 Holding 1-2-1 performance conversations

  • Not all conversations go as planned…
  • Producing a manager checklist for an effective performance conversation
  • Structure of a 1-2-1 conversation
  • Tips and guidance

7 Action planning

  • Peer practice review
  • Personal action planning

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