The agile team – working in a remote and flexible environment

A half-day workshop

‘Agile working’ describes a world of work without fixed times and places to work from; freed up by a combination of smart technology, digital working practice, life/work balance and wellbeing approaches; and responsive to external demands from stakeholders such as customers and Government.

It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But how can you make it work in practice?

This half-day workshop will help you adapt to the new ways of working, ensuring that you enjoy the benefits without paying the price in terms of additional stress.

Learning objectives

  • To understand remote working and the new ways of working this requires
  • To discuss and address the benefits and challenges
  • To discuss and draw up an agreement as a team for how we will work to achieve effective ways of working from remote settings
  • To learn ideas and good practice for a remote working environment
  • To produce an action plan


This session is appropriate to all types of team. It can be tailored to help teams work within specific behavioural frameworks such as organisational values.


A practical half-day workshop (three hours) for a group of up to 12 people.


Amanda is always the first port of call for public service and VCSE clients. She is an extremely popular trainer, facilitator, coach and consultant with an in-depth understanding of what it means to work in the public and VCSE sectors.

Session overview

1 Welcome, aims and introductions

  • Learning objectives

2 The benefits and challenges of working remotely

  • What is involved?
  • What are the benefits and challenges?

3 The four key elements of remote working

  • Location
  • Time
  • Workload
  • Communication

4 Making the best of remote working

  • Personal and team responsibilities
  • Behaviours
  • Life and work balance

5 How we will communicate effectively

  • Exemplar actions in a virtual work space
  • Effective use of technology and different methods of communication
  • Being a ‘team’ and building trust when we are not together
  • Support and resilience

6 Hints, tips and ideas for managing life and work remotely

7 Action planning

  • Review
  • Personal action planning

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